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Hawks and Eagles

Simple, symmetric, square tune key of D. Fiddles might tune ADAE to get the low A (compared to GDAE) without losing the easy D chord (compared to AEAE).

  • Trial & Error Stringband 1976 [non-video on utoob]. This is interesting because the fiddler uses longbows to make the low part different from the high part. The banjo is great throughout. Recorded before they tuned to 440.
  • Old recording of Uncle Norm Edmonds [non-video on utoob].
  • Here are some good instructional videos. Solo fiddle [utoob]. Fiddle & banjo jam on the porch [dark video on utoob]. Slow fiddle, some talking about rhythm [blogspot].
  • This was on the classic CD, Feed Your Babies Onions, by Highwood String Band.
  • The American old time fiddle tune is based on the Irish song with verses. Recorded in Irish pubs here (too serious) and here (fun accordion).
  • The chorus repeats "Hawks and Eagles fly like doves" four times. 
  • Not to be confused with The Eagle and the Hawk by John Denver.

Hawks and Eagles from a jam at the Black Pot festival 2014 [utoob]. Ben Townsend keeps plays different banjo stuff throughout, even 3-finger at one point. They sing a chorus once and mix it with Hot Corn Cold Corn. Then they argue who started it, as in, who's supposed to end it. Lots of fun.