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Half Past Four

Played in key of A with a G chord.

Recorded by:
  • Rhys Jones [Amazon]. We have the CD called All I've Got's Done Gone.
  • Great playing on WAMU radio in DC of Claire Milliner & Walt Koken from Pennsylvania. These guys wrote the Milliner Koken collection, a great book that is now a web site. They are also in the Orpheus Supertones.
  • Centralia Pickers Parlor [MP3]
  • Just banjo and guitar (and noise) [Utoob]
  • Bruce Molsky and Rafe Stefanini [amazon]. We have the CD called Big Hoedown.
  • Pete Sutherland (fiddle) and Brad Kolodner (banjo) [utoob]. Pete attributes this tune to Ed Haley of SW West Virginia.
  • Another jam [utoob] at the Clifftop festival.
The Ratchet Mountain Rock Farmers from Ohio. Rachel Eddy on Fiddle. Mark Hellenberg on banjo uke. Hilarie Burhans on banjo. Stuart Kenney on bass.