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Grub Spring

Also spelled Grubb Spring or Grub Springs or Grubb Springs. Two parts. Key of A. The fiddles usually cross tune (AEAE) and usually play each part twice (AABB). 

  • Emily Schaad wins first place for old time fiddle at Johnson County Old Time Fiddlers Convention 2008 [utoob]. Grub Spring is the first tune. She plays the high part once (AAB).
  • Brian Grim of Grayson County Va [utoob].
  • A simpler take is better for jamming. We have this tune on great CDs by Tater Patch [CD clips at Amazon and CD baby] and Rhys Jones + Christina Wheeler [CD clip at Amazon].
  • This instructional video by Sophie Vitells of Hoppin Jenny includes the a close-up on the fiddle fingers, a slow version by the whole band, and a faster version. They play each part once (AB).
  • The Milliner-Koken collection has two odd versions: Ernest Claunch and George Mert Reves [both links to Slippery Hill]. Here is a video of Milliner & Koken playing another tune [WAMU]. 

Mary Jane Epps and Michele Lanan (fiddles) and Joseph Dejarnette (guitar). Video by wormpicker of  J-Walk fame.