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Great Big Taters in Sandy Land

Key of G. Three parts. Some people medley into Sally Anne or Sail Away Ladies. Part I, middle range, chords G and D. Part II, low range, chords G and D (some people add Em). Part II, high range, chords G and C. We end on part II. 

  • The Fox Hunt [UToob] featuring Ben the fiddler with a tattoo of him home state, Kentucky.  He plays an Em chord in the lowest part and he sings the lyrics: "Great big taters in sandy land!"
  • Banjo played soft and low. Is it the same tune? [Utoob]
  • Instructional clawhammer video. Only two parts. [Utoob]
  • Haymount Hilltoppers. You can hear this: "Q: Are there words? A: Oughta be." [Utoob]
  • Montage of videos from one tent at Clifftop 2009. Taters is in there at 04:30. [Utoob
  • This looks like a back porch video caught on surveillance camera. [Utoob]
  • Uncle Earl played it live [Internet Archive]. Nice banjo. Click ahead past the talking.
  • Eck Robertson recorded it hundreds of years ago, just right [Utoob].
  • I like this street recording by Old Black Mule [Utoob].
  • This version attributed to Ernie Collins & played by Paul Tooley [utoob].
  • Sheet music [pdf] from J dot Brady.
  • More than you ever wanted to know about this tune [wiki].
Different tune, similar name: Big Footed Man in the Sandy Lot.

Same tune, different names: Big Sweet Taters in Sandy Land; Better Quit Kicking my Dog Around; Grease that Wooden Leg, Sally Anne.
The Fox Hunt playing Great Big Taters in Sandy Land (Em in 3rd part).