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Greasy Coat

I don't drink and I don't smoke, I don't wear no greasy coat.
I don't smoke and I don't drink and I don't like boys that stink.
I don't kiss and I don't tell, all you sinners go to hell.
I don't cheat and I don't lie, gonna go to heaven when I die.
I don't brush my hair with gel, I don't ride a horse that smell.
I don't spit and I don't chew, I don't mess with boys that do.
I don't cuss and I don't snore, I'm going back to Arkansas.
I don't care what he said, I won't drink that dog fish head.

Square: AA' , AA',  BB ,BB.

Below: Key of G. Brian Scott.

Below: Key of G. Jam at Augusta. They skip parts sometimes.

Play in A minor / G major (or G minor / F major). Fiddle can be cross-tuned (GDGD or AEAE). Everyone seems to play it differently. There is a wandering tag part that I call A'.

Crooked: AA, AA, A',  BB, BB.

Below: Key of A. Water Tower Stringband. 

Crooked: AA, AA, A',  BB.

Below: Key of G. This is instructional video 2 of {1, 2, 3}.

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    Dec 14, 2010, 4:58 AM