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Five Miles from Town

Key of D. Two parts. Very unusual structure for an old time tune.  Fiddlers can tune up the G string to an A.

  • Clyde Davenport [mp3 on Slippery Hill, non-video on Utoob]. 
  • Mt. Airy jam [utoob] 10 minutes of fun.
  • It must be fun to jam with Bruce Molsky [utoob] at Tiki Parlor.
  • Pete Sutherland is joined by Brad Kolodner [utoob] live on stage.
  • Excellent music in the living room [utoob] with great fiddle moves by Kristen Harris.
  • Instructional video for solo fiddle [utoob] calls this Five Miles to Town.
  • Lauren Rioux on viola [utoob]. Medley warning! Jump to 1:57. 
  • Claude Martin [photo retrospective on utoob].
  • Marth McDonnell [utoob] video is called Files Miles to Town.
  • Echo Mountain [utoob] in the classroom.
  • Easy to watch the banjo fingering [utoob] on this promo for Ozark Mt. Banjo Co.
This tune is hard to fiddle due to the irregular structure. Writing it out requires changing time signatures [pdf] but I think of it like this:
  • Low part = 4 x ( 4 beats ) + Tag
  • High part = 3 x ( 5 beats ) + Tag.
  • Tag = 2 x ( 4 beats ).
As usual in old time, there are other tunes by this name and other names for this tune.
  • "Five Miles to Town" is a different tune. John Sharp [mp3 at Slippery Hill]. 
  • "Five Miles from Town" is a different tune. Everett & Danny Kays [Berea].
  • "Five Miles of Ellum Wood" is a different tune. Clifftop 2016 [utoob].
Jam at Mt. Airy NC Festival. 10 minutes of fun.