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Farewell Trion

Key of C. Three chords. Three parts. Not square because you hold that long note in the second part. 

  • James Bryan fiddles two parts then three in a festival tent with guitar [tube]. Here he is with a banjo on Slippery Hill [mp3]. Here he is at MerleFest 1993 [tube]. He must really like this tune.
  • Very nice solo banjo [tube]. Another solo banjo, slow, extra moves, annoying [tube].
  • Here is jam in Netherlands [tube]; not much dancing.
  • Fiddle and guitar house concert [tube] with fancy guitar work.
  • Notes in PDF [ThreeBeanSalad] or slightly different at [Bob's].
Not to be confused with
  • Farewell to Ireland
  • Farewell to Whiskey
  • There is another old time fiddle tune with three parts and a long note. Strangely, it has a different name. It is "The Cat Came Back" [tube].
The video starts at the second time through the second part of Farewell to Trion. Trish Spencer + Jack McGee.