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Key of A. Two parts. 

  • Henry Reed [mp3 at Slippery Hill]. Solo fiddle, old recording.
  • Alan Jabbour visits the Reed family [tube].
  • Old time in the living room [tube] with nuts and butter.
  • Scruggs banjo version for Banjo Newsletter.
  • Nicely done bluegrass banjo by Jake Loew [tube].
  • Solo fretless banjo with singing [tube].
Thanks Wes for teaching the tune at Beans. Besides, "Someone's in the kitchen, " there is a jazz tune called Dinah that was recorded by Louis Armstrong, Django Reinhardt, and others.  

Corn Potato: Aaron Jonah Lewis (fiddle) & Ben Belcher (banjo) & Lindsay McCaw (guitar). That's Ben from the Hot Seats. These folks are likely to play a different instrument each on every tune.