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Cumberland Gap

Key of D, usually. There are lots of versions of this tune: 2 or 3 parts, 2 or 4 repeats of the first part, sung or instrumental. The Phillips Collection lists 5 versions.
  • Kyle Creed played it in Cumberland Gap tuning, a banjo tuning that is just for this tune.
  • Fiddle, 3 parts (recording). This is an instructional recording from the Canote stringband camp in Seattle.
  • Frank Proffitt on banjo [utoob].
  • Adam Hurt plays it in his melodic banjo style (video).  
  • Mike Seeger sang the words (video).
  • Clean version, clawhammer banjo, 3 parts (video).
  • Clean version, bluegrass banjo, 2 parts (video).
  • Flatt & Scruggs on TV (utoob)
  • Eldie Barbee recorded in the 1970s (utoob).
  • Fiddle, 3 parts but the (video) has hissing throughout.
  • Tommy Jarrell on fiddle & Fred Cockerham on banjo, 2 parts. Not tuned to 440! There is an mp3 at OldTimeSeattle.
  • This tune has its own encyclopedia page (wikipedia). 
  • Not to be confused with the Cumberland Mountain Deer Race sung by Uncle Dave Macon [utoob non-video] also known as the Cumberland Mountain Bear Chase sung by Pete Seeger [utoob non-video].

The Main Line Gravy Soppers play Cumberland Gap, 3 parts, key of D.