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Cowboy's Dream

Square tune with two parts in key of D.

  • Solo banjo by PlayBetterBanjo [utoob], video at right. Compared to Carney's version, the first and second parts are interchanged as are the order of the two lowest notes in the low part.
  • Solo fiddle instruction by Chris Carney [utoob].
  • Solo banjo by Tim Rowell [utoob] inspired by Koken, he says.
  • Slippery Hill mp3 that is transcribed in the Milliner-Koken collection.
  • The Phillips Collection transcribed a version by Fly By Night String Band.
  • Highwoods String Band live [short clip at DLA].
  • Thanks to Scott for introducing this tune at the Beans Jam
  • This old time tune is not to be confused with other tunes by the same name. It is not similar to Cowboy Dreams by Prefab Sprout or Cowboy's Dream by Tommy Emmanuel. It is similar to Cowboy's Dream sung & yodeled by Girls of the Golden West [DLA].
Cowboy's Dream in key of D from PlayBetterBanjo.com.