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Cousin Sally Brown

Two parts. Key of G or A  or D, square or crooked, normal or extra chords, depending on version.

  • We have this CD. Dirk Powell plays it fast [utoob]. This version has more complex chords and a tag on first time through second part so it isn't square. 
  • Solo fiddle [utoob]  by Katie Davis Henderson. Learned from the Dirk Powell. Video endorsed by Rachel Eddy.
  • Jam at Clifftop 2013 [utoob] Rachel Eddy and Kristian Herner. Key of A.
  • Solo banjo [utoob] by Kristian Herner. Key of A, I think.
  • Solo banjo [utoob] old recording by William Watson. He's the Doc Watson Family album.
  • Slow banjo [utoob] Adam Hurt rehearsing before a show.
  • Jam at Clifftop 2011 [utoob] the Troublesome Creek Boys. Key of G.
  • The Waybacks on stage [utoob]. Drums warning!
  • Solo fiddle [utoob] with Kenny Jackson in the noisy room. Key of A.
  • Instructional video for solo fiddle [utoob], little hard to follow.
  • Old recording of Norm Edmonds & the Old Timers [Field Recorders' Collective]. Key of A.
  • Old recording with words on the Crooked Road documentary [mp3 from Crooked Road]. Key of D.
  • More words on an old recording by Virginia Mountain Boomers [utoob] in D. Nasty words, unfortunately.
  • Thanks Ruth for bringing this tune to Beans Jam.
Taylor and Stella Kimble. Closer to G.