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Cotton Eyed Joe

Key of G or A. Two parts. 
  • Old Fiddlers at Slippery Hill: Tommy Jarrell [mp3], George Mert Reves [mp3], Fiddlin' John Carson [mp3], Marcus Martin [mp3] Carter Brothers [mp3], Pope's Arkansas Mountaineers [mp3], Wilson Douglas [mp3].
  • Almost a different tune in D: Old Time Cotton Eyed Joe by Norman Edmonds [mp3 at Slippery Hill].
  • Bill Monroe [utoob no video]
  • Carter Brothers [utoob no video]
  • Really good old time band live [utoob]
  • Very clean old time banjo + fiddle [utoob] by Tim Gardner + David Holt.
  • Very clean fretless banjo + fiddle [utoob] by Ole Rossel (fiddle) & Tobias Enevoldsen.
  • Solo banjo clawhammer is pretty good [utoob].
  • Empty Bottle String Band [utoob] on stage.
I'd a been married a long time ago
Had it not been for the Cotton Eyed Joe.

  • Not to be confused with these old time tunes: Old Joe, Old Joe Clark, Hog Eyed Man, Sleepy Eyed Joe, Black Eyed Susie
  • To what do the words refer? An African slave in America? A sexually transmitted disease?
Lester McCumbers