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Cold Frosty Morning

There is a standard version and, as there are never enough tune names to go around for all the tunes, there is also a different tune with the same name.

Standard version, A minor and G chords, two parts.
  • Young Bela Fleck [utoob non-video]
  • Silver Strings Dulcimer Society at the Henry Ford Estate [utoob]
  • Cigar box fiddle solo [utoob]
The other Cold Frosty Morning in A major, two parts. Melvin Wine's Cold Frosty Morning? Is is it Lee Triplett's? Well, at least we can say it is from WV. 
  • Jam video [utoob, right] featuring Lee Triplett's son Jimmy on fiddle.
  • The Iron Leg Boys [track 2]
  • This tune sounds a lot like Wolves a-Howling [OTF]

The other Cold Frosty Morning