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Cider Mill

Also known as: Cider, Cider Mill, Down to the Cider Mill, Stillhouse, Down to the Stillhouse, Old Stillhouse. Key of D usually. Two parts. The high part is like Liberty. There are versions by Tommy Jarrell, Matokie Slaughter, and Reed Martin and these seem to vary in the second (lower) part. 

  • Down to the Cider Mill is an album (County 2734) by Fred Cockerham & Tommy Jarrell & Oscar Jenkins. TJ fiddles & sings this tune [clip at allmusic or amazon].
  • Beautiful solo banjo [tube] by a student, it says.
  • Very clear instructional banjo video [utoob].
  • Instructional video [tube] of solo fretless gourd banjo with singing. Key of C.
  • Solo banjo [tube] by Jeff Harper playing Reed Martin's version.
  • Home made recording of banjo + 2 fiddles [mp3 on fiddle hangout].
  • Fiddlers Cahan & Simos & many others, a bit hard to hear [tube]. 
  • Two-finger short-neck fretless banjo by Richard Hood [tube].
  • Quirky rendition from Josh Turner [tube] whom we have linked to many times.
  • Virginia banjo player Matokie Slaughter plays an interesting series of low notes in the second part. [tube].
  • Thanks to this interesting page [banjo hangout] that has lyrics, links, discussion, and even pictures of a cider mill.
  • Stillhouse is in the book of banjo tab called "Kyle Creed: Clawhammer Banjo Master" by Bob Carlin & Dan Levenson. We bought the book+CD from Mr. Levenson himself.
  • We have Cider Mill on the great CD, "The Galax Way", by the New Ballard's Branch Bogtrotters [County records].
Thanks to Dan who introduced this tune at our 2015 jam.
Foghorn Stringband: Sammy, Caleb, Reeb, Nadine.