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Chinquapin Hunting

Key of A. Fiddle can cross tune (AEAE). Three parts. The first part is longer than the others and it has the most intricate noting. Different bands put different chords in that first part; we keep it very simple. 

  • Curley Maple on the radio [utoob]
  • Instructional video for fiddle.[utoob]
  • Vi Wickam [utoob]
  • Fiddle instruction [utoob]
  • Norm Edomons [link]
  • Cello banjo [utoob]
  • Basement jam [uboob]
  • Furnace Mountain trio [utoob]. Lute adds extra chords.
  • We have a driving recording by the Primitive Characters but we cannot find it on-line.
  • Rachel Eddy at Clifftop 2013 jam [utoob].
  • Tim O'Brien solo fiddle [utoob]. Medley with another song.
  • Earl White [utoob]. This was at Clifftop 2013 and we were there.
  • Echo Mountain [utoob] in the classroom.
Different tunes, similar name: Chinky Pin; Chinquapin; Chinquapin Pie; Art Stamper's Chinquapin Hunting [Clifftop 2003 utoob].

What is a Chinquapin and why do people hunt them?
Bruce Molskey Band. Cello: Rushad Eggleston. 5-string fiddle: Tatiana Hargreaves.