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Candy Girl

Key of A. Two parts. Fiddle can cross tune. Loaded with old time monotony. 

  • Uncle Bunt Stephens [utoob non-video].
  • Dan Gellert solo live on stage [utoob].
  • Kenny Jackson, solo fiddle at a workshop [utoob].
  • Bruce Molskey live on radio [utoob]. Medley warning. Bruce Molskey also plays Candy Girl at the beginning and end of this instructional video [utoob].
  • The Horse Flies reduced it to bare rhythm [utoob].
  • Fast solo fiddle lesson by Max Ward [utoob].
  • Slow and very slow by Sophie Enloe from Hopping Jenny [utoob].
  • One note at a time by OlyFiddle [utoob].

Claude Martin with his mom.