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Cajun Fiddle

Key of A. Two parts. 

  • Right: Miss Emily and Banjo Phil. Someone posted to ask what the chords are. She responded "Can't help you" because she learned it by ear. Yahoo!
  • More notes by PeakFiddler.
  • Fancy version on fiddle and harmonica by Mike Stevens and Raymond McLain.
  • Cajun Fiddle is an old time tune. Real Cajun music is a bit different. See  Wikipedia.

Fiddle tips: The chords are A, D, E7.  Fiddle plays double stops (two strings) all the time. Lead in to the main part by walking up starting with the E note on the D string using A string as drone. Lead in to the bridge by walking up E string to an E chord (B note on A string and G# note on E string). End each part with E7 chord (first finger across D and A strings) then back to A.