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Briar Picker Brown

Square tune. Two parts. Key of D.
  • Buddy Thomas recorded talking an playing at Field Recorder's Collective. Studio version on mp3 at Slippery Hill and utoob non-video from the Kitty Puss album.
  • Solo banjo by Tim Bing. Download from FreerEquine.
  • Solo banjo by Dan Levinson [clip of banjo lesson at vimeo]
  • Solo banjo with a bowl of oatmeal [vimeo].
  • Solo banjo with a stuffed bunny [utoob]
  • Solo banjo with suitcases [utoob video], key of C.
  • Solo banjo with bridge [utoob non-video] supported by a rhythm machine (the banjo, not the bridge).
  • Cello with Norman Blake guitar [mp3 at Paste Magazine].
Briar Picker Brown is sometimes spelled Briarpicker Brown. Is briarpicker a word? What is a briar picker? If you ask Google Images, you get lots of pictures of banjo players. Apparently inspired by this song, there is band called The Briar Pickers in Madison Wisconsin [Briar Picker Brown clip at reverbnation]. It looks like a different band called The Brian Pickers played a dance in Gainesville Florida [dance page].

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