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Altamont  Atlamont 
Angeline the Baker Phillips Collection Angelina Baker 
Arkansas Traveler Phillips Collection  
Ashoken Farewell Waltz Ashoken Farewell 
Barlow Knife G or A or D Three parts Barlow Knife 
Bear Creek Hop   
Benton's Dream A Modal by Benton Flippen (Phillips Collection) Benton's Dream 
Big Ball's in Boston Vocals. Big Ball's in Boston 
Big Scioty A Part (2x) B Part (2x) Big Scioty 
Bile 'em Cabbage Down A or G   
Billy in the Lowground  Billy in the Lowground 
Blackberry Blossom G Minor A Part (2x) B Part (2x)  
Black Eyed Susan G or any  Black Eyed Susan 
Black Jack Grove  Black Jack Grove 
Blake's March  Blake's March 
Boatsman Three parts Boatsman 
Boat's Up The River  Boat's Up The River 
Bonaparte's Retreat  Bonaparte's Retreat 
Booth Shot Lincoln  Booth Shot Lincoln 
Bound to have a Little Fun Not square Bound to Have a Little Fun 
Breaking up Christmas  Breaking up Christmas 
Briar Picker Brown  Briar Picker Brown 
Buckin Dun  Buckin Dun 
Buffalo Gals G or A Vocals Buffalo Gals 
Bull at the Wagon  Bull at the Wagon 
Cajun Fiddle Bridge starts in E Cajun Fiddle 
Camp Meeting on 4th of July  Camp Meeting 
Candy Girl  Candy Girl 
Carroll County Blues A or G  Carroll County Blues 
Charles Guiteau   
Charleston Gals  Charleston Gals 
Charlie Barnett Lowe's Tune  Charlie Barnett Lowe's Tune 
Chattanooga  Chattanooga 
Cherokee Shuffle A Part (2x) B Part (2x)  
Chinese Breakdown Phillips Collection Chinese Breakdown 
Chinquapin  Chinquapin 
Chinquapin Hunting Three parts Chinquapin Hunting 
Cider Mill a.k.a Stillhouse Cider Mill 
Clinch Mountain Backstep Extra beat in 2nd part Clinch Mountain Backstep 
Cluck Old Hen Modal. Vocals Cluck Old Hen 
Cold Frosty Morning A Minor Phillips Collection Cold Frosty Morning 
Colored Aristocracy A Part (2x) B Part (2x) Colored Aristocracy 
Come All Ye Fair and Tender Ladies  vocal Come All Ye Fair and Tender Ladies 
Cotton Eyed Joe G or A  Cotton Eyed Joe 
Country Waltz Waltz  
Cousin Sally Brown  Cousin Sally Brown 
Cowboy's Dream  Cowboy's Dream 
Cripple Creek  Cripple Creek 
Cumberland Gap 3 parts Cumberland Gap 
Dance All Night with a Bottle in your Hand a.k.a. Give the Fiddler a Dram Dance All Night 
Devil Eat the Groundhog  Devil Eat the Groundhog 
Dinah  Dinah 
Doney where you been so long?   
Dry and Dusty D tuning Dry and Dusty 
Duck River  Duck River 
Dull Chisel  Dull Chisel 
Duncan and Brady  Duncan and Brady 
Durang's Hornpipe crooked Durang's Hornpipe 
Fall on my Knees  Fall on my Knees 
Farewell Trion  Farewell Trion 
Feed my Horse on Corn and Hay   Feed my Horse on Corn and Hay 
Fire on the Mountain A/D  Fire on the Mountain 
Fisher's Hornpipe  Fisher's Hornpipe 
Five Miles from Town  Five Miles from Town 
Flop Eared Mule D and A Phillips Collection has 2 versions  
Fly Around My Pretty Little Miss A Part (2x) B Part (2x)  
Flying Cloud Cotillion G and D  Flying Cloud Cotillion 
Forked Deer Fast Forked Deer 
Free Little Bird C or D or G  Free Little Bird 
Free State Hornpipe  Free State Hornpipe 
Gaspe Reel Phillips Collection  
Going down to Georgia O aka Gunboat Going Down to Georgia O 
Going to the Free State  Going to the Free State 
Golden Slippers Phillips Collection  
Greasy Coat A or G Can be crooked Greasy Coat 
Great Big Taters in Sandy Land  Great Big Taters in Sandy Land 
Groundhog Vocals  
Grub Spring  Grub Spring 
Grumbling Old Man Growling Old Woman Am  Grumbling Old Man Growling Old Woman 
Half Past Four Modal A/G Half Past Four 
Hangman's Reel Four parts Hangman's Reel 
Harvest Home   
Hawks and Eagles  Hawks and Eagles 
Hell Broke Loose in Georgia  Hell Broke Loose in Georgia 
Hesitation Blues  Hesitation Blues 
Hickory Crooked Hickory 
Hickory Jack A Modal Crooked Hickory Jack 
Hogskin  Hogskin 
Hop High Ladies also known as Uncle Joe Hop High Ladies 
How Many Biscuits Can You Eat?  How Many Biscuits Can You Eat 
I Get My Whiskey from Rockingham  I Get My Whiskey from Rockingham 
Indian Ate the Woodchuck  Indian Ate a Woodchuck 
I wish I had my time again A or G  I wish I had my time again 
Jake Leg Rag  Jake Leg Rag 
Jaybird Died of the Whooping Cough  Jaybird Died of the Whooping Cough 
Jealous Hearted Me sing Jealous Hearted Me 
Jeff Sturgeon Crooked Jeff Sturgeon 
Jenny Get Around   Jenny Get Around 
Jenny Get Your Hoe Cake Done Crooked Jenny Get Your Hoe Cake Done 
Jenny Lind Polka G/D  Jenny Lind Polka 
Jenny: Old Aunt Jenny with her Night Cap On Crooked Old Aunt Jenny with her Night Cap On 
Jenny on the Railroad   Jenny on the Railroad 
Jenny Run Away in the Mud in the Night  Jenny Run Away in the Mud in the Night 
Jimmy in the Swamp  Jimmy in the Swamp 
Joe Drody's Jig  Joe Drody's Jig 
John Brown's Dream A or G 4 parts John Brown's Dream 
Johnny Don't Get Drunk  Johnny Don't Get Drunk 
Josio  Josio 
Julianne Johnson  Julianne Johnson 
June Apple A Mixolydian A Part (2x) B Part (2x) June Apple 
Katy Did  Katy Did 
Katy Hill  Katy Hill 
Keep my Skillet good and Greasy Sing! Keep my Skillet good and Greasy 
Kentucky Waltz  Kentucky Waltz 
Kitchen Girl A Modal A Part (2x) B Part (2x) Kitchen Girl 
Kitty Clyde Sing Kitty Clyde 
Liberty  A Part (2x) B Part (2x) Liberty 
Liberty off the Corn Liquor Still  Liberty off the Corn Liquor Still 
Little Brown Jug  Little Brown Jug 
Little Rabbit Five parts Little Rabbit 
Liza Jane  Liza Jane 
Lost Hornpipe  Lost Hornpipe 
Lost John G or D  Lost John 
Magpie  Magpie 
Martha Campbell  Martha Campbell 
McCloud's Reel  McCloud's Reel 
Meet Me by the Moonlight Waltz, Sing Meet Me by the Moonlight 
Midnight on the Water Waltz Midnight on the Water 
Milwaukee Blues  Milwaukee Blues 
Mississippi Sawyer  Mississippi Sawyer 
Monkey in a Dog Cart  Monkey in a Dog Cart 
Moon Behind the Hill  Moon Behind the Hill 
Nail That Catfish to a Tree A Part (2x) B Part (2x) Nail that Catfish to the Tree 
Needle Case  Needle Case 
Newt Payne's Tune Cross A Newt Payne's Tune 
Obama's March to the Whitehouse  Obama's March to the Whitehouse 
Old Beech Leaves  Old Beech Leaves 
Old Grey Cat   
Old Horse and Buggy aka Horse and Buggy Old Horse and Buggy 
Old Jimmy Sutton  Old Jimmy Sutton 
Old Joe Clark A Modal Sing! Old Joe Clark 
Old Molly Hare  Old Molly Hare 
Old Plank Road Middle goes D,E,A,B,D (notes) Old Plank Road 
Old Rattler A Part (1x) B Part (1x) - Vocals Old Rattler 
Old Yeller Dog Old Grey Mule Old Yeller Dog 
Over the Waterfall Has a C chord Over the Waterfall 
Paddy on the Turnpike Modal  
Peek-a-boo Waltz Waltz  
Pig Ankle Rag  Pig Ankle Rag 
Pike's Peak  Pike's Peak 
Policeman Sing! Policeman 
Poor Ellen Smith  Poor Ellen Smith 
Possum on a Rail  Possum on a Rail 
Possum's Tail is Bare  Possum's Tail is Bare 
Pretty Polly  Pretty Polly 
Quince Dillon's High D   
Rabbit in the Pea Patch  Rabbit in the Pea Patch 
Rachel  Rachel 
Ragtime Annie Two or Three parts Ragtime Annie 
Railroad Through The Rocky Mountains  Railroad through the Rocky Mountans 
Red Prairie Dawn  Red Prairie Dawn 
Red Rocking Chair  Red Rocking Chair 
Redwing A Part (2x) B Part (1x) Redwing 
Richmond  Richmond 
Ride Old Buck to Water  Ride Old Buck to Water 
Riley Furniture Man D or C Sing Riley Furniture Man 
Roaring River  Roaring River 
Rockingham Cindy  Rockingham Cindy 
Rock the Cradle Joe  Rock the Cradle Joe 
Rocky Pallet  Rocky Pallet 
Roscoe  Roscoe 
Roscoe's Gone D Modal Slide C-C# Roscoe's Gone 
Rosin the Bow Waltz Rosin the Bow 
Saddle up the Gray  Saddle up the Gray 
Sadie at the Back Door It's about a cat. Sadie at the Back Door 
Sail Away Ladies  Sail Away Ladies 
Sailing over England  Sailing over England 
Sally Anne  Sally Anne 
Sally Smacked me with a Flounder Why not a salmon? Sally Smacked me with Flounder 
Sal's Got Mud Between her Toes  Sal's Got Mud Between her Toes 
Salty River Reel  Salty River Reel 
Sandy Boys  Sandy Boys 
Sarah Armstrong's Tune  Sarah Armstrong 
Say Old Man Can You Play the Fiddle Em  Say Old Man Can You Play the Fiddle 
Seneca Square Dance Em  
Shady Grove  Shady Grove 
Shaking Down the Acorns A modal  Shaking Down the Acorns 
Shelvin Rock  Shelvin Rock 
Shoes and Stockings  Shoes and Stockings 
Short Life of Trouble Waltz Short Life of Trouble 
Shortnin Bread  Shortnin Bread 
Shout Lula  Shout Lula 
Shove That Pig's Foot a Little Further in the Fire  Shove the Pig's Foot 
Silver Lake by Emory Bailey Silver Lake 
Snake River  Snake River 
Soldier's Joy Standard tune Soldier's Joy 
Sopping the Gravy  Sopping the Gravy 
Southwind Waltz SouthWind 
Spotted Pony  Spotted Pony 
Spring in the Valley  Spring in the Valley 
Squirrel Hunters A Modal Em/G/A/D  Squirrel Hunters 
St. Anne's Reel  St. Anne's Reel 
Stay all Night  Stay all Night 
Step Around Johnny  Step Around Johnny 
Streak O'Lean, Streak O'Fat  Streak O'Lean, Streak O'Fat 
Sugar Hill  Sugar Hill 
Sugar in the Gourd  Sugar in the Gourd 
Tater Patch  Tater Patch 
Temperance Reel   
Tennessee Mountain Fox Chase Bark Tennessee Mountain Fox Chase 
Texas Gals  Texas Gals 
The Girl I Left Behind Me   
Tipping Back the Corn  Tipping Back the Corn 
Toad on a Toadstool Original Toad on a Toadstool 
Train on the Island Fiddle AEAE Train on the Island 
Tupelo Blues Crooked Tupelo Blues 
Turkey in the Straw Vocals Turkey in the Straw 
Twin Sisters  Twin Sisters 
Undone in Sorrow Olla Belle Reed Undone in Sorrow 
Valley Forge  Valley Forge 
Wagon Wheel Vocals Wagon Wheel 
Waldorf Reel  Waldorf Reel 
Walk Along John to Kansas G or A  Walk Along John to Kansas 
Walking in my Sleep  Walking in my Sleep 
Walking in the Parlor  Walkin' in the Parlor 
Waterbound Vocals  
Waynesboro A Part (2x) B Part (2x) Waynesboro 
West Fork Gals A Part (2x) B Part (2x) West Fork Gals 
Westphalia Waltz Waltz  
Whiskey Before Breakfast A Part (2x) B Part (2x)  
Whiteface Em/A (2x) G/Em (2x) C/Em (3x) Whiteface 
White House Blues Vocals White House Blues 
Who Broke the Lock on the Hen House Door? A Part (1x) B Part (1x) - Vocals Who Broke the Lock? 
Wild Horse of Stony Point  Wild Horse Stony Point 
Winder Slide Slow Winder Slide 
Wolves-a-Howling  Wolves-a-Howling 
Year of Jubilo Vocals  
Showing 237 items