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*News and Announcements

                          2016 EVENTS SCHEDULE
   March 26  Kilmarnock Museum Annual Meeting (free event) 2PM
   April  16   Farm &n Field Event, Heathsville HS (free event) 10AM-3PM
   April  23   Deltaville Museum (free event) 10AM-2PM
   May   21   Animal Welfare League Show, Irvington, 10AM-2PM Donation, pet food
   May   28   RWC Show, Irvington (free event) 10AM-2PM free food furnished 
   June  11   Bethpage Campground Show, (free event) 10AM-2PM free food
   June  21   Lancashire, (free event), 10:30AM-1:30PM free food
   June 25    Gwynn's Island Festival, (free event) 10AM-2PM
   July   4     Irvington Parade (free event) pre-registration required
   July 23/24 Tides inn Show, Irvington (fee event) lunch furnished
   August 6  T&J's Dairy Barn, Burgess (free event) 5PM-7PM
   Sept  10    Commonwealth Assisted Living (free event) 10AM-2PM free food
   Sept  11    Hoverton Baptist Church (free event) 10AM-2PM free food 
   Sept  18    Stratford Hall Show (free event) 10AM-3:30PM must pre-register
   Sept  24    Wings, Wheels & Keels, (entry fee/pre-registration) 8AM-3PM
   Oct     1     Auto-Rama, Indian Creek Yacht & CC (fee event/lunch) 10:30AM-3PM
   Oct    15    Deltaville Museum (free event) 10AM-2PM food ticket furnished
   Nov    5     Annual Fall Tour (fee event/lunch) 9AM-until ? register
   Dec    9     Kilmarnock Christmas Parade (free event) 6PM-until ? pre-register
                                           NOW you know why
                                  we have had 'website problems'!

                              2016 MEETING SCHEDULE
        REMEMBER! Memory Lane Car Club meets on the 2nd Sunday every
month February - November at the Kilmarnock Boys & Girls Club building.

        CRUISE-INS! Memory Lane Car Club holds its regular Cruise-Ins on
the 2nd Sunday every month April - October at the Kilmarnock Boys & Girls
Club building.
        Please attend the Kilmarnock Museum Meeting on Saturday 23 MAR 2016. 
The museum is a sponsor of our Club so it would be great to show our support 
by attending. The meeting will be held in the Hayden Building at Dream Fields 
in Irvington.  The speaker will be Monty Deihl and refreshments will be served
after the meeting. Please help those who help us. Thanks! See you at 3PM!

                              2016  FALL TOUR COMING UP! 
       This year's Annual Fall Tour for the Club will be held on Saturday 5 NOV 2016.   We will all assemble at the Lancaster Square parking lot in the vicinity of the Food Lion.  Please be there no later than 9AM.  Roll out will be at 9:30AM sharp! 
        The only expense, other than your personal fuel, etc.  Please contact Jack Ashburn as soon as possible for this so reservation counts can be made. Jack can 
be reached at jbashburn@verizon.net


           The website will be updated in the coming weeks as time permits.


                           AFTER-ACTION REPORT FOR 2015
        The Stratford Hall show has now become Memory Lane Car Club's signature show for the year!  This year, the show was very successful!  The weather was beautiful, the grounds were superb and the vehicle count was WAY up from last year!  We are now
in the planning stages for the 2016 event which is listed in the 2016 Events Schedule.  
          Many thanks to the staff and members of the Stratford Hall Plantation and to our Board of Directors members who took the time and personal effort to coordinate this event!  They get better every year!                                             
                             WINGS WHEELS & KEELS !!
                          AFTER-ACTION REPORT FOR 2015
          The 2015 Wings, Wheels & Keels was held even though the weather wasn't
friendly this year.  We had 60 cars and a fair amount of boats. But since the weather
was so bad, many exhibitors and vendors cancelled out.  We certainly hope that the
event for 2016 will be a lot better weather-wise! 

                          MEMORY LANE CAR CLUB PICNIC
                                  AFTER-ACTION REPORT

           Many thanks again to George and Kay Shelton for hosting the Memory Lane Car Club's annual picnic at their beautiful riverfront home! The weather was outstanding, the attendance was great and the food was beyond compare!  Thanks to all who brought food and also to the Sheltons and others who prepared things on site! 

            Looking forward to 2016's picnic!  And maybe even MORE cars and members attending! 

                                      REQUEST FOR PICTURES

            Now that your webmaster is back in the swing of things, He needs your assistance.  Please send us some pictures of your vehicle at some of the events that you have attended this year.  The rest of our membership would love to see what we are doing.  Also, our site is viewed by the general public and this is a way to get the word around about what we do.  Thank you very much.

                                   OUR 2016 ANNUAL LUNCHEON

             On a snowy Sunday, on the 17th of January, 2016 the Memory Lane Car Club
held its Annual Luncheon and their Installation of Officers at the Indian Creek Yacht & Country Club.  With the bad weather a small turnout was expected however that was not the case.  of between 60 and 70 members enjoyed a great meal and a very interesting 
talk by Dr. Charles Lovelady on his years of the One Lap of America Tour and the unusual things that can and do go wrong.  The moral of his message is to never give
up as help is everywhere.  You just have to work for it.  


            2016 Officers pictured left to right are ... J.R. Rosher, Cliff Nelson, Joe Sawyer, 
Bill Max, Sam Conge and Director Jack Ashburn.  Not pictured is Kathy Harrison 
who left prior to picture taking.

            The Memory Lane Car Club thanks Steve and Daria Lowe and the staff 
of the 
Indian Creek Yacht & Country Club for making this annual event possible. 

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