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*Events, Pictures and Comments

        Club Member Paul Rogers had his 1984 Ford-Darley
     fire engine at the Smithfield Lions Cruise-In on May 2015
                                    Club Member Alan Merkel with his beautiful Cadillac
                                                  at the RW-C Show on May 30, 2015         


                                   A future Memory Lane Car Club member?

     Animal Welfare League Show showing our donation  
         van load of pet food for the puppies and kitties
                                May 23, 2015

                                        "Such a deal!  Today only!  Let's talk!"
                                         Urbanna, VA Car Show  11 MAY 2013  


                RWC Tour & Show 2012  
                Let's get ready for 2013!
Nick Rein of Spotsylvania VA & Janice Weaver of Pine Tops NC
at the Fall Tour with their 1912 Overland on November 14, 2015

                                                                     Club members socializing at River Lanes show
                                                               1 JUNE 2013

         Club Member Cindy Franklin with her Mustang 
                   at the Habitat for Humanity Show at
                       T & J's Dairy Barn in Burgess
                                on August 6, 2015                      
                                      "Tony Soprano!  Your ride is here!" 

 "Elvis IS alive and working at Advance Auto Parts!"
              The (antique) Fire Department showed up in force
                             R-W-C Car Show   22 June 2013
                        A beautiful Buick at the
                  R-W-C Car Show  22 June 2013

                                           A truly one-of-a-kind Luxury-Touring Car!                                                                               R-W-C Car Show  22 June 2013