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                                                                     WELCOME TO OUR WEBSITE!
                                                              Welcome to the "Memory Lane Car Club" experience! 
                                                                                   WHO ARE WE?
        The "Memory Lane Car Club" was formed on 23 JAN 2011 for the express purpose of owners of
antique, classic and even exotic motor vehicles to get together, enjoy operating, working on, exhibiting
and driving our machines.   "It's all about ENJOYMENT!"   We are not bound by any rigid rules, organiza-
tions or structure.   Just a group of fun-loving "motor heads" interested in preserving automotive history.
We do have an elected advisory board that serves rotating terms and helps to coordinate things.
                                                                                WHAT DO WE DO?
         Our club participates in several types of events and we are very involved with the local communities.
We do "Cruise-Ins" after our regular meetings from April through October.    We also do several events
where we exhibit our vehicles to help raise funds for charitable and non-profit organizations.   Also on our
"do list" are several driving tours and trips to local historical points of interest.   Our members also have
personally shown their vehicles to schools, senior care homes and museums.
                                                                                         WHERE ARE WE?
         The "Memory Lane Car Club" holds its regular meetings at the Kilmarnock Boys and Girls Club on
Main Street, Kilmarnock, VA. on the second Sunday of every month except December.  We also have our
"Cruise-Ins" every second Sunday from April through October (weather permitting).   Everyone is invited
to come and meet us, bring YOUR antique or 'special' machine!   Everyone is welcome!  Memory Lane Car 
Club holds open-to-the-public Cruise-Ins every 2nd Sunday from April through October (weather permitting)
and we would love to meet you!
                                                                                           WHO CAN JOIN?
          Everyone is welcome to join our club!   Ownership of an antique car is not required!   Only an interest
in supporting automotive history is required.  We have owners of all sorts of vehicles!   We have antique
and classic car owners,  antique truck owners,  antique military vehicle owners,  even antique fire truck
owners!    You will findNalmost everything in our group!   Even antique motorcycles!   There are no dues
or specific membership requirements.   It's all about fellowship and interest in things mechanical and
historical.   Drop on by and see us some time! 
                                                                                              THE WEBSITE

      The site is composed of several "pages" which can be accessed by clicking on the topic desired in the left
hand sidebar.   There you will find pages with photos of our vehicles, events and exhibits.   Also there is a
page that contains the schedule of club activities, meetings and events.   And finally, there is a page for
news and announcements that our club will participate in.   Just click on the topic and you're there!
                                                        Thank you for your interest in our Club!
                                                    If you have any suggestions or comments or submissions,
                                               please feel free to contact the Sitemaster at the address below.

                                                                              COME ON IN!  TAKE THE TOUR!

                                                                      NOTICE TO THE MEMBERSHIP
                                                                     THE WEBSITE IS NOW BACK UP
                                                                            CURRENT AND UPDATED