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HPL PureSport LLC
 Rapid Rehydration for your workouts! Our goal is to provide great tasting performance sports drinks that impact, enhance and benefit the workout and training process. Our products feature the optimal carbohydrate-to-protein ratio of 2:67-to-1 and provide a complex fuel that sustains you–with slow burst energy, not like sugar’s rush and crash. Features a 2.67:1 Carb to Whey Protein ratio that offers a patent-pending one-two punch. Launched in July 2008, Pure Sport took center stage at the Beijing Olympics thanks to Olympians Michael Phelps, Brendan Hansen, Aaron Peirsol and Nastia Liukin, all of whom incorporated PureSport into their Olympic training programs. Created by Dr. John Ivy, chair of the Department of Kinesiology and Health Education at the University of Texas at Austin, with input from Phelps, PureSport is available in two formulations: PureSport Workout, which is used prior to and during exercise to improve endurance and reduce muscle tissue damage, and PureSport Recovery, which is used within 30 minutes of completing a workout to speed the storage of muscle and liver glycogen and promote muscle tissue repair...Michael Phelps uses PureSport....why don't YOU! 

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