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In The Hole Golf

Stack & Tilt Golf Swing Dvds Pros are switching to improve their games, now you can too with the Stack & Tilt Method! Order Now! Medicus Golf is the creator of such world-renowned best-selling training aids as the Medicus Hinged Club and the Medicus Dual-Hinge Driver. Their patented dual-hinge is unique in that it only breaks when the golf swing is off tempo or off plane, providing instant feedback and support as a golf training aid. Medicus is dedicated to assisting golfers to improve their total golf game by offering tools for every part of personal development in golf from the mechanical and physical to the mental and nutritional.  Achieve A Perfect Swing The Power Max 460cc Weighted Driver to perfect your swing! Lower your golf score with the Medicus Overspin Putter!

3balls Golf

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3balls Golf In The Hole Golf