We provides energy solutions, oil and gas, boat services, sell energy efficient lighting products to the commercial and consumer markets. The energy efficient light bulb market is exploding in the US due to rising energy costs and upcoming government regulations. When a business or residence switches to energy efficient bulbs they IMMEDIATELY reduce their energy bill by between 20% and 40%. Enacted government legislation calls for complete removal of all non energy efficient bulbs beginning in 2012. We are still in the early stages of this transition within the residential housing, retail and restaurant market segments. Proof of this is that only 15% of all lighting fixtures currently in use within the US today use an energy efficient bulb.Save Big $ on Energy Efficient Fluorescent Light Bulbs Buy Manufactured Direct 100% EnergyStar Certified Shipping $9.95 ANYWHERE in the Continental USA
We are on a mission to communicate the energy efficient lighting story to the small business owner and consumer. Switching to energy efficient bulbs is as easy as unscrewing an incandescent bulb and screwing in a fluorescent or LED bulb from WholesaleBulbs.net. Energy efficient bulbs have come a long way over the last 10 years. We sell a bulb for EVERY socket in the home whether it be a recessed can, fan light, candle sconce, or table lamp. We offer energy efficient bulbs in the same color temperature as the standard incandescent bulbs we are accustomed to. With our Bulb Selector and extensive education section, our website greatly simplifies the process of replacing incandescent or halogen bulbs with CFL's or LED's.Buy Bulbs from Wholesalebulbs.netLowest Pricing anywhere in US

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