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Outdoor Vehicle Protection

When keeping your vehicle outdoors in the elements, keep in mind your location. The protection level needed in different areas does vary. For example, in areas such as California, Florida and Texas the sun tends to be the harshest, and you'll need a car cover that has great UV protection. Compare our outdoor vehicle covers below to see which is the best cover for you.

All Weather Outdoor Protection: The Max Cover

Starting at $134.99

Made in the USA, the Budge Industries Max Cover includes a lifetime warranty for all normal conditions, including hot sun, heavy rain, ice and snow, and more! The Max is our most popular cover in areas where sun is harshest, such as California, Florida and Texas! Three layers of Endura Plus provide superior breathability, very high water resistance and UV protection; choose the Max for a snug fit with superior thickness, protection and strength! Grey Color.

Waterproof Protection: The Empire Waterproof Cover

Starting at $99.99

100% Waterproof, the Empire Waterproof Cover (Grey Color) has a 10 year warranty and is the best waterproof cover anywhere! Most waterproof covers trap condensation against your vehicle, causing damage such as mold and mildew, but Empire Waterproof Cover micro-pore technology allows condensation to escape as evaporated gas, giving your car total inside and out rain and moisture protection.

Sunproof Protection : The Premier Cover

Starting at $79.99

Made from a layer of high-tech DuPont Tyvek®, the Empire Premier is made in the USA and keeps your vehicle cool and clean with great protection and over 99% solar efficiency! The Empire Premier comes with a 5 year limited warranty and is ultra-lightweight for ease of use! White Color.

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