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Get the best car care products, at the best prices with money saving car care kits from! we are the leader of online car care! Our vast inventory of high quality car care products, auto detailing supplies and automotive accessories includes name brand products from, 303, Diamondite, Detailers Pride, Pinnacle Natural Brilliance, Wolfgang Concours Series, Lake Country Manufacturing, Mothers, Meguiars, P21S, Porter Cable, Ultimate Detailing Machine just to name a few! Start preparing your car for summer with accessories from Automotive Concepts. Get 10% off + Free Shipping on nearly 150,000 parts! Protect your vehicle from the  elements with a Covercraft Car Cover from Autogeek offers the best car wax & paint sealants to protect and beautify all paint finishes, including clear coats!

Outdoor Vehicle Protection

When your car, truck, station wagon, van, or SUV sits parked outdoors, there are a number of elements that can scratch, dent, or dull its paint and finish. Dust can become abrasive and scratch your vehicle. Bird droppings can stick to your car's paint, making it difficult to remove without damage. Over time, wind, rain and snow can wear away your paint's finish and make it look dull. And trees can drop acorns, sap, and pollen, all which can stain, dent, or scratch your car. With an outdoor car cover, you can protect your trusted vehicle from these and other elements that threaten it when it's parked outside.

No matter if you live on the sunny and rainy California coast, the snowy Alaskan shore, or in the hot Texas sun, has the perfect outdoor car cover to meet your needs. Here are some of the outdoor car covers you can choose from:

All Weather Outdoor Protection

Outdoor Protection If your car, truck, station wagon, van, or SUV is vulnerable to harsh weather patterns, including hot sun, heavy rain, ice, and snow, the Max Cover will provide maximum protection. The Max's Endura Plus fabric offers superior breathability and all-weather defense, including thorough UV protection and high water resistance. And the snug fit and thickness of the Max outdoor car cover will keep your vehicle safe and secure.

100% Waterproof Protection

Waterproof Protection The Empire 100% Waterproof Cover is the best waterproof outdoor car cover available. While most waterproof outdoor car covers trap moisture and condensation against the vehicle, which causes damage such as mold and mildew, the Empire 100% Waterproof car cover offers a sophisticated SFS micro-pore technology that allows condensation to escape as evaporated gas, giving your car moisture protection inside and out. And the Empire 100% Waterproof outdoor car cover's ultrasonically welded seams prevent water penetration.

Sunproof Protection

Sunproof Protection For drivers whose main concern is the sun, the Empire Premier outdoor car cover keeps vehicles cool and clean with great protection and over 99 percent solar efficiency. Because it blocks 99.8 percent of the sun's rays, the Premier outdoor car cover is a particularly good choice if you live in a sunny area of the country. The Premier not only reflects sunlight, it can also keep your vehicle up to 30 degrees cooler!

Just remember, when selecting your new cover look for the easy to read Protection Level. Each rating will give you a chance to consider which car, truck, suv or van cover features the right level of protection for your specific needs.

In addition to offering superior outdoor protection for your car, truck, station wagon, van, or SUV, all of the outdoor car covers at come with a warranty, storage pouch, tie down grommets, full elastic hem around the whole cover, and an antenna patch.

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  PhotoBlocker Spray : "It will hide your license plate from red light cameras" - CBS News


If you get a ticket,

After you win ...

Make sure it doesn't
happen again by using
PhotoBlocker Spray.

Warning: The manufacturer and retailer assume no responsibility for any use or application of this product in violation of any applicable law. Before installing this product, please check your state and local laws and regulations.

A majority of red light & speed cameras utilize strong flash to photograph the license plate on your car. Once sprayed on your license plate, PhotoBlocker’s special formula produces a high-powered gloss that reflects the flash back towards the camera. This overexposes the image of your license plate, rendering the picture unreadable. With PhotoBlocker, your license plate is invisible to traffic cameras yet completely legible to the naked eye.


REFLECTS traffic camera flash, helps prevent a costly ticket!
FAST spray-on formula!
INVISIBLE to the naked eye!
EXCLUSIVE formula!
BEST alternative for when you can't use an anti-camera license plate cover!
ONE TIME application!
Get a can before you get a ticket!

NOTE: In some states it is unlawful to display on any vehicle a registration plate which is obscured in any manner which inhibits the proper operation of an automated red light enforcement system.

Does it work? Y E S ! See for Yourself!
KXAN: Austin, TX
"It blinded our cameras!"

XAN interviews citizens and city officials and determines that PhotoBlocker Spray is NOT illegal. They also run an official test using appropriate traffic camera technology ... and the picture of the treated license plate was so over-exposed that all they got was a screen of white flash! Watch for yourself!
Fox 31 : Denver, CO
"Surprisingly Effective!"
FOX 31 News of Denver teams up with the Denver Police Department to conduct tests of all our products using the exact same traffic cameras that are out on the streets. Legitimate tests ... with legitimate results. Our products are "surprisingly effetive!"

"It works! You can beat Big Brother!"
Watch TechTV conducting a thorough test of all our products: PhotoBlocker Spray, PhotoShield Cover, and Reflector Cover. They find them all to work successfully just as advertised!


Still not convinced?
Click here to watch more videos or news reports & test results.
Why you need our products:
  • Red-light cameras are about revenue, not safety!
  • It's private companies profiting from law-enforcement.
  • Red-light cameras have caused many rear-end accidents!
  • Traffic cameras are notorious for making mistakes.
    See for yourself!
WBAL 11: Baltimore, MD
Baltimore city officials are shortening the length of yellow time on traffic lights in order to trap motorists. WBAL's reporters discover that a lot of the yellow times at various street intersections have been reduced below the legal limit, thereby issuing numerous wrongful tickets. And guess what? Motorists are not aware of this, and willingly fork out their hard-earned money!
News 5: Arizona
Private companies making HUGE profits! It's NOT about safety. It has never been. Watch this news report on how private companies and your city officials are negotiating on how best to make profit from red light and speed cameras. These cameras are the farthest thing from safety.
Australia News 7
Australia's New 7 team discovers that speed cameras are wrongfully ticketing city buses & cars, recording inaccurate and impossible speeds and issuing tickets. Interviews with the police, city officials, as well as motorists clearly shows that speed cameras are not functioning as well as they are supposed to be ... all the cost of the innocent driver!

Still not convinced? There's more!
Click here to watch more videos or news reports on traffic cameras
Here is what the media says!
“…it will hide your license plate from red light cameras…”
CBS 29
"Fuzzing up the policing picture A licenseplate spray thwarts cameras set up to catch drivers running red lights".
- The LA Times
"This spray makes license plates illegible by traffic-enforcement cameras by reflecting the flash back at the camera."
Wall Street Journal  
“License-plate spray foils
traffic cameras”
Washington Times
“…a hit with drivers”
Daily Mail
“the latest tool to help drivers…police are not amused”
ABC News

highly recommended
"This e-book is very simple to use and extremely effective and helpful. Got my ticket dismissed without even going to court"
- Andre, Washington DC
Got a red light and/or speed camera ticket? Do you want to fight it in court and win? LEARN THE TRICKS NOW:
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We do not condone the use of PhantomPlate products  to defeat toll booth cameras.
NOTE: In some states it is unlawful to display on any vehicle a registration plate which is obscured in any manner which inhibits the proper operation of an automated red light enforcement system. Discount Offer