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Buying a new car is a big decision, but it doesn't have to be a difficult one. The average person will buy 10-12 cars in their lifetime. Preparing yourself and doing your homework is the key to being able to make the important decisions with total confidence. Once you've decided on the car you will buy or lease, you will need to be able to determine what is a good prices

This is where it can get very tricky. Before you sign on the bottom line you need to know how to recognize a good deal when you see one. Get the Lowest New Car Prices in Nigeria with the exclusive BUYER PROTECTION FROM KONGA

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Anatomy of a new car price: M.S.R.P. – The Manufacturer’s suggested retail price, commonly known as the List price or window sticker is the retail price set by the manufacturer. This is typically the price that the new car dealer would like you to pay. Although the overwhelming majority of new cars are sold at less than the M.S.R.P., some dealers will hold out for this price on a very hot-selling vehicle that is high in demand and limited in supply.

Dealer invoice price – Every manufacturer sends an invoice to the dealer for their vehicles as soon as they are delivered to the dealer. The dealer will typically pay for the vehicle via a prearranged line of credit. Commonly, the dealer will start paying interest charges from the first day onwards.

 Holdback – Most manufacturers help subsidize the interest charges and marketing/advertising that a dealer incurs by paying the dealer a holdback amount, after the vehicle has been sold. This amount typically ranges from 2.0% to 2.5% of the invoice amount. Dealers will rarely consider this when negotiating a new car deal

 Maximum dealer margin/profit – The difference between the M.S.R.P. and the dealer invoice price is the maximum dealer margin/profit that the dealer has to work with when negotiating a deal. Click Here to get the "Real Wholesale Dealer Invoice Cost Price" now on new Canadian vehicles

 Dealer and buyer goals - The dealer’s goal is to negotiate a deal as close to M.S.R.P. as possible and the buyer’s (your) goal is to negotiate a deal as close as possible to the dealer invoice price.


 Actual dealer margin/profit – The amount over the dealer invoice price that is finally negotiated between the dealer and the buyer (you), is the dealer’s actual dealer profit/margin, before sales and overhead expenses.

 Dealer overhead and bottom line profit - From the actual dealer profit/margin amount the dealer has to cover the sales rep and sales manager’s salaries, commissions and bonuses. The remainder goes to the dealership to cover all other expenses, with the final balance representing the actual net profit to the dealership.


Factory-to-consumer incentives – In an effort to stimulate sales, many manufacturers will offer incentives to the consumer (you). These incentives are commonly advertised in the media and can consist of low rate financing/leasing rates, such as 0%, cash rebates, such as $2,000, or a combination of both. If a manufacturer is offering you 0% or $2,000 cash, the emphasis is on OR; which means that you cannot get 0% financing and $2,000. You have to decide between the two. In some cases, you can combine the 0% and $2,000, but not very often.


Factory-to-dealer incentives – Commonly referred to as hidden or secret rebates. Internally these non-advertised dealer incentives can be known as marketing credits, trading dollars, factory cash, dealer cash, dealer bonuses, invoice credits, etc. Many manufacturers will use them as additional stimulus for the dealer to sell more vehicles. In some cases, the manufacturer may not want to advertise that they are offering incentives to avoid tarnishing their image, where others will use these incentives to encourage dealers to carry more inventory and thus potentially sell more vehicles. Most dealers will factor in these factory-to-dealer incentives when negotiating a deal. Effectively this may allow the buyer (you) to buy/lease a new vehicle for less than the dealer invoice price. 

 As you can see, new car pricing can be very complex. Knowing what you now know, would you ever simply walk into a dealership and negotiate a deal on your own, without having all the information above? I would bet that your answer would be a resounding NO!

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According to their website, they also supply this information to insurance companies which are notorious for being very particular about their service suppliers. CarCost has also been around since 1999 and judging by their feedback page, appear to have a very strong following. When you consider the size of your investment in a new car, to spend less than $40, to ensure that you get the best deal, is a small price to pay. Start preparing your car for summer with accessories from Automotive Concepts. Get 10% off + Free Shipping on nearly 150,000 parts!


Kia Mohave

Product details

Inspiring Performance

With its strength, comfort, style and functionality it’s born to thrive in and beyond the urban jungle.Be sure about one thing. The Mohave can tame the most extreme elements of nature. This new SUV has been developed and tested on the most challenging terrain to provide a driving experience that takes life off-road. 

Urban Charisma

The energy of the city and the demands of the great outdoors bring out the personality of the new Mohave. With its strength, comfort, style and functionality it’s born to thrive in and beyond the urban jungle.

City Escape

A strong and purposeful front image sends out the message loud and clear: Mohave takes ownership of the city streets. The smooth ride and elevated driving position put you at the head of the pack.

Forward Thought

As the Mohave passes by it exudes an air of majestic confidence; a muscular lion on the prowl. Its inner power is never in doubt with its sculpted stance pitched forwards by smooth flowing lines.

Putting Driving In Your Seat

To feel in complete control when you’re navigating off -road as well as cruising the city, you need every technological and practical advantage at your fingertips. The Mohave's cockpit gives you this and more. It combines a modern sports utility feel with high -tech embellishments across the dash to create an image that’s as strong as the exterior. The interior design concept ensures you appreciate the volume you’d expect from a large SUV with the luxury and comfort of a high -specification sedan. Ergonomic controls have jog -type switches for ease of use. The balanced design ensures excellent visibility of the road ahead in addition to the well -styled and futuristically red -lit gauges, placing you firmly in the driving seat.

Take It To The Extreme

Be sure about one thing. The Mohave can tame the most extreme elements of nature. This new SUV has been developed and tested on the most challenging terrain to provide a driving experience that takes life off -road. Kia Mohave is born and bred in the Mohave Desert, and has pushed its capabilities to the limit in the harshest environments and has truly earned its name.


Outdoor Vehicle Protection

When keeping your vehicle outdoors in the elements, keep in mind your location. The protection level needed in different areas does vary. For example, in areas such as California, Florida and Texas the sun tends to be the harshest, and you'll need a car cover that has great UV protection. Compare our outdoor vehicle covers below to see which is the best cover for you.

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