OlayinkaOyelamiInvestments (OOINVEST) is global professional financial services firm whose network of digital services provides users, subscribers and advertisers with a variety of content and tools through a range of online, social media, tablet and mobile channels. Our mission is to provide the most actionable ideas from the world of investing, finance and business in order to break down information barriers, level the playing field and help all individuals and organizations grow their wealth. With an unmatched suite of digital services. OOIVEST offers all of the tools and insight needed to make the best decisions about earning, investing, saving and spending money in corporate and personal financial services used daily by thousands of individuals, families, corporations and service organizations globally in the realms of Banking, Finance , Insurance, Mortgage, Loans, Credit cards, Stocks and Forex Trading.Our approach to financial management focuses on you and fully understanding your unique set of financial objectives, then fashioning a customized plan, tailored to helping you achieve your specific financial goals. We work in an objective, customized, and creative manner to provide smart solutions to satisfy real life financial needs. We provide comprehensive services that deliver smart and manageable solutions for you strategically partnering with financial institutions around the world to create One-Stop-Shop finacial services destination for our global customers..Jim Cramer, a master at the game, knows “the rules” from decades of hard-won experience of the Street, and now he shares them with you in his new bestseller, “Stay Mad for Life.” Get your FREE copy when you subscribe. Click here.

Here are just a few of the services we offer:

Personal financial services

- Cash and debt management

- Retirement planning

- Educational expense funding

- Investment planning. 

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RealMoney –Unbiased Advice and First-Rate Analysis from 70+ Investment Pros. Jim Cramer was a successful hedge fund manager and now he writes for RealMoney.com. Over the years he has developed a strict set of investing disciplines that have helped all kinds of people be successful through any market. He created a service called Action Alerts PLUS, which allows people to follow along as he makes his own trades. Jim Cramer Free Report Even though it’ ugly out there – gas prices, home foreclosures, recession fears – there’s still one truism:

If you can spot a big move in a stock

or the whole market before it happens,

you can make money – lots of money

Forex Trading has experienced phenomenal growth in recent years and now far outstrips stock investing as the largest marketplace for investors looking for profit opportunities. And the recent economic downturn has caused more individuals than ever to look to the forex for profit opportunities that the stock market can no longer provide. Now, more consumers than ever are seeking clear, practical, and proven information on Forex Trading from legitimate and respected sources. Many are searching out Peter Bain and his Forexmentor  website. Peter is a sought-after instructor and authority in Forex Trading education and has taught thousands of individuals how to understand and profit from trading the forex. Peter’s Forex Course teaches the same system used by banks, financial institutions, and professional Forex traders alike. eToro - Forex Platform. Free Unlimited Practice Account; 2 Pip Spread; Up to 400:1 Leverage! 

CreditReport is the industry leader in providing free credit reports and credit scores to consumers in a secure, online environment. Our Credit Monitoring service alerts customers to changes across all 3 of their credit reports while Credit Score Tracking notifies customers to significant changes in their credit score. How’s your credit score? 0-600 Poor, 601-680 Fair, 700-774 Good, 775+ Excellent. Find out your Score now FREE!

True Credit.expertise in providing easy-to-read credit reports, scores, analysIs and informative, unbiased content will greatly enhance the OUR customers experience .

1. A FREE 30-day trial of Trans Union Credit Monitoring, which includes Unlimited access to your Trans Union Credit Report, Credit Score and Debt Analysis.

2. 3-Bureau Credit Monitoring, which includes Unlimited access to Credit Reports and Scores based on information from all 3 national credit bureaus: Trans Union, Equifax and Experian. We offer the following products to our customers: FREE Credit Report & Score? Click to Find Out More!

Unlike debt settlement or credit counseling, DebtGoal is designed for borrowers who have the means to pay off debt, but need help creating and sticking to a plan that will get them out of debt most effectively. DebtGoal puts control in the hands of borrowers, letting them manage all types of debt and choosing a payment plan that works for them. DebtGoal is dramatically less expensive than alternative solutions and improves rather than destroys the borrower’s credit. DebtGoal gets you out of debt faster. Start your FREE 7-day trial today! 


True Credit 


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