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The Value Health Discount Card provides 10% to 60% discounts on dental, vision, pharmacy, chiropractic and other health benefits.  Card members have immediate access to some of the largest provider networks in the nation including Aetna Dental Access®, United Chiropractic, Coast to Coast Vision, and SunRxSave between 10% and 60% on all your Dental, Vision and Drug costs for as little as $8.95 a month!


When you join the Value Health Discount Card program you get the same provider discounts that large employers and insurance companies have enjoyed for years.  By just presenting the Value Health Discount Card at participating dentists, chiropractors, pharmacies and vision care professionals you receive instant discounts that add up to huge savings.  In addition:


·                  Everyone is accepted regardless of current health condition.

·                  There are no waiting periods and no paper work to fill out

·                  You are immediately entitled to all discounts regardless of citizenship status or any pre-existing conditions.

·                  You will have access to some of the largest provider networks in the nation.

Save 30% to 50% at over 3,000 participating Doctors of Chiropractic nationwide!Get Instant Health Insurance Quotes!