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5 Social Media Tools for Your Business

Learn about the top social media tools you should explore for your business
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Which social-media sites are best for your business? It depends on your company size, your industry, and your social-media goals. It also depends on what type of social networking you enjoy and will persist in doing.

Major social-media sites can be a great place to find customers due to their large user bases, but it takes a lot of effort to get attention there. It's like walking into a very large, crowded room, but there's only a small cluster of people having the conversation you want to jump in on - and you have to find them. By contrast, more specialized social-media sites where the audience is more engaged as consumers and specific by industry may prove more effective for your business.

Here's my list of five critical social-media tools to investigate for your business:

Facebook - With major corporations such as Toys R Us previewing their Black Friday sales on their Facebook fan pages, this 350-million-user site isn't for kids anymore. Facebook is the number-two Web site in America according to research house Alexa, and its fastest-growing demographic is people over age 35. To add fans and generate excitement, consider holding a contest or making a special offer.

YouTube – With hundreds of millions of videos viewed daily, YouTube is the fourth-biggest U.S. site, and it's fast becoming a canny marketing tool. Because let's face it, America loves to watch movies. Music teachers post lessons, car salesmen show you the latest models, consultants give mini-courses… what could you upload to create excitement about your business?

LinkedIn - This is the place where pro business owners go for power networking. Answer questions for the site's 50 million users or ask them, scope out who's viewing your profile, update your status with your needs or company triumphs. They're adding features too – now you can link your LinkedIn status to your Twitter posts, and display your WordPress blog on your home page.

Twitter – Some people find the home of 140-character posts and hashtagged trending topics baffling and/or annoying, but Twitter is the social network to watch. Only 18 million U.S. users, but growing at a phenomenal rate - up 343% year-over-year as of Sept. 2009, Nielsen reports. New features such as lists and retweet tracking are helping users form new connections.

Your blog and local/specialized forums - If you write well and have the time, blogging can be a powerful way to raise awareness about what you do. The content updates also help your site's natural search rankings. Reach a wider audience with guest posts on popular industry forums. If your business is local, neighborhood forums may be a good option.

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Netwriting Masters Course
Want to Sell More on the Net?...Change the Process to Change the Results!
Want to sell more on the Net? Write better. The power is in your words!

Unfortunately, at least 98% of small business sites start "at the end"... the sale.

Great Netwriting is actually far more than writing great sales copy.

Before you write to sell, take an order and ship a product...

You need traffic. PREsold traffic.

And sales copy does not do that.

That is why effective Netwriting is really a two-step process. This requires two different kinds of writing...

  1. Write to PREsell.
  2. Then, and only then, write to SELL.

Now for the good news... you can do this. How? By taking The Netwriting Masters Course. It is the only book about Netwriting that covers both PREselling and Selling (every other book on Netwriting focuses only on writing to sell -- this itself is a reflection of that "starting-at-the-end" philosophy).

And now for the best news of all...The Netwriting Masters Course is free!

Effective Netwriting (i.e., the kind that generates income) is indeed something that anyone can accomplish. There is nothing magical or complicated about it. And you don't need an English degree or be a literary genius to do it. But you do need to make the critical offline-to-online business mindshift from "location, location, location" to...

"Information, information, information."

Surfers on the Net are not looking for you or your business. People search for information and solutions. So give them what they want. Well before you make your first sale, provide the information (i.e., high value content) that people are searching for, in a way that the Search Engines like. Create content that overdelivers what your visitors seek.

Most small businesses fail on the Net because they prepare to sell and collect money, before they have provided what their visitors are searching for (information). These small business owners build a Web site to sell and somehow figure that traffic will just show up and be willing to buy or hire immediately.

Wrong thinking... wrong process... no results! It's like pushing a string. You have to pull instead... pull targeted visitors into your site.

Let's summarize these four simple steps...

  1. Create the information that your prospective customers want.
  2. Attract targeted traffic at the Search Engines
  3. PREsell your visitors -- build confidence (people buy from those they trust).
  4. Convert traffic to dollars -- sell (whatever that may be... hard goods, e-goods, services, even clicks on Google ads).

As you can see, the first three steps involve a completely different kind of Netwriting. Write to deliver what humans want... information. And write for two audiences, the Search Engine spiders and the humans. That's what effective PREselling is all about!

To date, all the attention about writing-for-the-Net focuses on only one of the four key steps, the last one. Yes, that last one is an important one (it can literally triple sales... or destroy all your good efforts if you write terrible sales copy).

But sales copy only gets a chance to shine after your PREselling content gets the first three steps "right/write."

Join the "Top 2%" on the Net. PREsell with information-packed content, then sell with benefit-focused sales copy, smoothly converting your visitors into customers. This "1-2" power strategy is the core to building traffic and earning income on the Net.

Right thinking... right process... profitable results!

You can do the same.

Netwriting Masters Course

The goal of The Netwriting Masters Course is to help you write better so that ulitmately you can sell more. It shows you how to use the right words with the right process... how to pull targeted visitors into your site, PREsell them... then, and only then, sell.

Change the process to change the results and start building your traffic and income today.