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The purpose of the American Historical Society of Germans from Russia is to bring together people interested in the history of Germans from Russia. Through a better understanding of Germans from Russia, we will promote a better appreciation of their history and the preservation of their culture through their descendants.


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2020 Schedule of Events

Please note:  Most meetings are held on 3rd Sat. of each month. 
                  Regular Meeting Place:  Our Lord’s Lutheran Church
                  12:30-Social  1:00-2:15  Program Refreshments: 
Bring a snack, drinks and service items will be furnished.                         Please check our schedule for date and location.

Cancelling April 18 Meeting

Greetings Germans from Russia,

Someone has said the four most comforting words in the Bible are “It came to pass”.  “It came to pass”, it did not “come to stay”.   We can be assured of all that we are dealing with in this world will not last forever. 

This is an extremely difficult time.  The concerns of the coronavirus affect all of us.  We may experience a great deal of stress as we deal with potential illness, financial concerns and family concerns as some may lose their jobs and their income.   We hear people saying this is a “new normal”.  I find that rather depressing.  I really do not want this to become “normal”.

During the two years, we have been working on the Caddo MB Cemetery, I have been reminded again and again our ancestors are our “GUARANTORS”They made it, so can we.  When we tell the stories of our lives or the stories of our ancestors, we can assure our children we made it even when we thought we couldn’t.  Plans may change, we may have to make adjustments, we may experience fear and we may feel we can’t go on, but we have the stories of our ancestors, our GUARANTORS, to remind us, all will be well.  They made it, so can we. 

I believe our ancestors “made it” because of their strong faith and their belief in a bright future.  I hope we can begin each day with thankfulness and joy for our beautiful world and all the blessings we experience every day, many as a result of our ancestors, our “GUARANTORS”.

As most of you were expecting, we have canceled the April 18 meeting.  We were all looking forward to Marianne’s presentation.  Let’s plan for having that program in weeks to come.

The program committee worked hard in planning an exciting year for our Chapter.  We do not know when we will be able to have another meeting so until you hear from us, for future programs, please stay well, stay safe and remember our strong heritage.  This situation will “pass”.

Blessings to all of you. 

LaDonna Hunt, President 

April 18th Meeting - We plan on rescheduling - 400 Years in 4 Countries – The Sauter Family Tale

Presented by Marianne Long

Saturday, April 18, 2020, Johnnies Charcoal Broiler 2652 W. Britton Road, OK - Meet for lunch at 12 - Everyone please come and order your own meal - Program starts at 1pm

May 24 - Tentative - Memorial Service at Caddo Mennonite Brethren Cemetery north of Eakly

June - a possible tour to Shattuck, OK to visit the Windmill Park

July 28 National Convention - Cancelled

August 22 - All State - Location and program still in the works

October 24 - Germans from Russia Harvest Fest - at our Lord's Lutheran Church

December 5 - Christmas Dinner

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