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The purpose of the American Historical Society of Germans from Russia is to bring together people interested in the history of Germans from Russia. Through a better understanding of Germans from Russia, we will promote a better appreciation of their history and the preservation of their culture through their descendants.


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Central Oklahoma Chapter February 2015 Events

We have several events coming for the month of February.  Invite your friends and family to come and enjoy and learn more about our heritage and  German-Russian culture. We apologize for not sending out a notice that there would be no events in January. It was announced at the annual Christmas Dinner and Annual Meeting but did not get out to those who did not attend.

February 7, 10:00a.m.-7p.m. Corn Bible Academy – German Feast and Auction, Corn Oklahoma

This event is not by our chapter but is an event where you can enjoy some of the ethnic/cultural foods that our ancestors used to make when in the Ukraine. Some of the foods are only of Mennonite heritage but some are also of Lutheran, Catholic, and other groups that settled in Russia in the late 1700’s. So if you want to make a day’s trek to rural Corn, OK, you can enjoy the cultural food either at noon or evening or both. The auction will include handmade quilts and many other items. Check the website of www.cornbible.org or call 580-343-2262 for more details.


February 14, 10:00a.m.-2:00p.m. Genealogy Research – sponsored by AHSGR & History Center

Oklahoma History Center, 800 Nazih Zuhdi Dr., OKC

Several members of the Board are planning on being there to give some guidance for those interested in doing family research using available resources, especially from Oklahoma Historical records. For those that have never been at the History Center, you might be surprised to know that almost all old town newspapers earlier than 1925 are available to research via the computer. Other resources are also available.


February 17,  7:00p.m. Monthly AHSGR Chapter meeting

Our Lord’s Lutheran Church, 2900 W. Hefner Rd., Oklahoma City

The program will consist of viewing the 83 minute docu-drama film, "And When They Shall Ask" produced in 1983. This documentary is about the history of Russian Mennonites who had originally settled in the Ukraine but were forced to immigrate to the Americas after World War I and the 1917 communist revolution. Director and writer John Morrow uses interviews, historical footage, and re-enactments to tell the tale of the migration of the Mennonites, opposed to military service and therefore facing a serious dilemma during the two major wars on their native soil. Morrow provides some background on Mennonite history, noting that for more than one hundred years after they settled in Russia in 1786 to escape persecution elsewhere, they had experienced no great difficulties -- until the period of the two wars. This period is re-enacted to help understand the historical background of the group.


March 2, 5:00p.m. Bessie, OK -  Annual Pancake and Sausage Supper hosted by the Bessie Fire Department

This event is in a small community of Germans from Russia. It is a reunion and also a chance to enjoy homemade sausage along with American pancakes.




Calendar for 2015


February              7              10a.m. Corn Bible Academy Feast and Auction

                             14           10a.m. – 2:00p.m. OK History Center Research day

                              17           7p.m. Film – “And When They Shall Ask”

March                   2             5p.m. Bessie Annual Pancake and Sausage Supper

                              17           7p.m. OKC AHSGR monthly meeting

April                      11           10a.m. – 2:00p.m. OK History Center Research day

                              21           7p.m. OKC AHSGR monthly meeting - Founder’s Day

May                       9            10a.m. OKC AHSGR Board Meeting – Ingrid’s Kitchen

     19           Annual OKC AHSGR picnic

August                  8 or 15   All State – location to be determined

September         11           OKC AHSGR sponsoring outing to Old Germany Oktoberfest

                             15          OKC AHSGR monthly meeting

                             18          Possible outing to Enid Lantern Tour – Cherokee Strip Settlement

                             26          10a.m. OKC AHSGR Board Meeting – Ingrid’s Kitchen

October               10 or 17 Harvest Fest

November          6&7        Oklahoma Mennonite Relief Sale in Enid

                            14           10a.m. – 2:00p.m. OK History Center Research day

                            17           OKC AHSGR monthly meeting

December           4              Christmas Dinner/Annual Business Meeting

                            6              German Christmas Service – Messiah Lutheran


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