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The purpose of the American Historical Society of Germans from Russia is to bring together people interested in the history of Germans from Russia. Through a better understanding of Germans from Russia, we will promote a better appreciation of their history and the preservation of their culture through their descendants.


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2017 Schedule of Events

Please note:  Most meetings are held on 3rd Sat. of each month. 
                  Regular Meeting Place:  Our Lord’s Lutheran Church
                  12:30-Social  1:00-2:15  Program Refreshments: 
Bring a snack, drinks and service items will be furnished

“Our German Russian Heritage     
                           connecting families
                                  generation to generation

February     18     “Letters to Pauline (Schlegel) Lehl:  Volga German 
                           Family Correspondences from Russia to Oklahoma 
Dr. Eric J. Schmaltz

March         18     “Preserving your Family Heirlooms” - Patricia Jones from
                          the Oklahoma History Center
Learn how to care
                          take of your treasured family photos, documents,
and quilts, so they can be cherished by the
                          younger generations for years to
come!  Discussion will
                          be about procedures to prevent decay and destruction
                          of textiles, papers, and photographs.  Focus for the
                          meeting will be on what
family’s value as worthwhile
                          artifacts to keep and pass on to the next
                         SHOW AND TELL - You are encouraged to bring an
                          item that you have that is special and comes from a
                          loved one and/or an item that is yours and you want
                          to pass on to the next generation. 

April           21      HIGH SCHOOL AND COLLEGE AGE Germans from
                         Russia YOUTH EVENING SOCIAL GATHERING.
Tatjana Schell will engage our young people in a
                         conversation about their heritage and share with them
                         why and how she became interested in her family
                         history and genealogy.  We are asking all parents and
                         grandparents to encourage your young person to join
                         us for this unique event.  There will be some interesting
                         and exciting things “unveiled” and I know they will love
                         getting to know others that share a common bond. 
More information to come……..SAVE THE DATE!!!

April           22       Founders Day  Dinner
                        “My Family HISTORY from generation to generation”
                         Tatjana Schell will be our special guest and presenter.
Tanja was born in Volgograd Russia, in 1981.  Her
                         family originally came from the Volga German village of
                         Seewald.  The family was exiled to Siberia in the fall
                         of 1941, along with other ethnic Germans of the region
                         where they spent a whole quarter of a century before
                         being able to return to their Volga homeland.  Since
                         their home village had been destroyed during World
                         War II, they settled in the old Volga German village of
                         Frank, not far away from Seewald.  There they spent
                         the following thirty years before leaving and Russia                                immigrating to Germany in 1998.  More information to

May            20        “It’s a Family Affair”   - Annual Picnic
                                Watch for more information ………

June-July                 Summer Family Fun – No meetings

August        19         TBA

September   16         All State Meeting

October       21         Harvestfest

November   18         Genealogy with focus on Technology
                                “The easy way”!
                                 Oklahoma History Center

December                 Christmas Family Dinner

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