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Sample Do's/Don'ts


·                         Please submit properly filled membership form and be active member of RWA.
·                         Please make your surrounding clean and plant trees near your house and take care of plants to make society “CLEAN AND GREEN”. Please participate actively in plantation drive in rainy season.
·                         Please do not throw garbage in vacant plots and roads also do not throw water on road.
·                         Please do not encroach the road in front of your house.
·                         Do not waste water while washing the cars/watering plants etc.
·                         Owners of the house under construction/renovation are requested to dump building material at appropriate places and not to cause obstruction/inconvenience to other residents. They malba must be removed and not left or dumped in any vacant area/plot.
·                         Please provide temporary sanitation arrangements for laborers engaged in construction of house to avoid them defecating, urinating and bathing in open spaces.
·                         Please do not damage common property like roads, pavements, street-light poles and fittings, signages etc.
·                         Please do not stick bills and posters on signages, boards, walls etc.
·                         Please participate actively in all events being organized by RWA and celebrate festivals together.
·                         Vehicle being parked on roads should be parked properly without obstruction to traffic.
·                         Please engage garbage collection person and every resident must engage services of garbage disposing personnel. Please do not throw your garbage in empty/vacant plots or green areas. Apart from it being an eye-sore and unhygienic, garbage thrown all over is the bane of pig menace.
·                         If you see any unlawful activity in sector like drinking in park etc. immediately call police rider and protest same collectively.