What is Resilience?
Resilience is the capacity to cope, adapt, or even grow in spite of the impact of stress, adversity, or trauma.  A high level of resilience is the key to successful long term stress management.  It has two basic components: 
        Strength - The ability to resist, persist, overcome, and maintain focus
        Flexibility - The ability to adapt, accept, adjust perspective, and respond accordingly 
Tips for Building Resilience
Emotional and Psychological 
  • Cultivate hobbies or interests outside the job
  • Develop awareness and perspective
  • Build and maintain social support networks
  • Spiritual involvement
  • Don't get stuck between denial and avoidance; get help when needed
  • Relaxation techniques (meditation or yoga, for example)
Family and Relationships
  • Maintain good, open lines of communication with loved ones
  • Leave your "work personality" at work
  • Learn to share the bad stuff as well as the good
  • Develop/hone time management skills
  • Learn more about accepting influence/being a partner
Job Performance
  • Find a mentor that you can relate to and connect with
  • Focus on intrinsic rewards: What makes the job "worth it" to you?
  • Set realistic performance goals
  • Try new things - get additional training, take a temp assignment
Physical Health and Wellness
  • Find a way to incorporate some type of physical exercise into your daily routine
  • Sleep is important!  Make sure you are allowing yourself to get the rest that your body needs
  • Monitor alcohol use; know your limit and stick to it
  • Pay attention to diet and eating habits