Microsoft Office is utilized by the greater part of individuals to finish their work in a methodical and composed manner. Microsoft Office accompanies various variants like Office 2019, Office 2016, Office 2013, and Office 365. Each Microsoft program is utilized for various errands. Every adaptation of the Microsoft Office Setup needs an item code to finish its enactment cycle. Microsoft Office is utilized for both the reason whether it is for home or business. This assumes a significant function on the off chance that you like to keep your work in an efficient manner. 

Popular Microsoft Office Apps

    1. Microsoft Access: Tap "Start" on your screen. Discover "Microsoft Office" in all projects menu and afterward press "Microsoft Access" to open. 
    2. Microsoft Excel: Click "Start Menu." Press the Microsoft Office.com/setup alternative, discover Microsoft Excel in the rundown and snap on the dominate name to open it. 
    3. Microsoft PowerPoint: Press the Windows "Start" alternative. Pick "All Programs." Go to the rundown of records name as "Microsoft Office." Press that document and from that point forward, tap the "Microsoft PowerPoint" to utilize it. 
    4. Microsoft Word: Press the "Start." Enter "Word" in the hunt area and afterward click "Microsoft Word" to open. 
    5. Microsoft Outlook: Select "Start." Enter "Standpoint" name given in the Open box. In the left half of Outlook, select "Record," at that point "Alternatives" and after that "Include ins." Choose the checkbox and select the "alright" button. 
    6. Microsoft Publisher: Click banner symbol known as "Start" button. Press "All Programs," at that point "Microsoft Office" and after that "Microsoft Publisher." 
    7. Microsoft OneNote: Go to "Start" alternative. Tap "All Programs." Press the "Microsoft Office" document and from that point forward, double tap "Microsoft OneNote" button. 

                How to Download Microsoft Office Setup? (www.office.com/setup)

                These days, don't need to buy Office Setup from any store; you can look the download alternative on the web. Buy and download Microsoft Office by heading off to its official site and afterward start with the offered steps to download the Microsoft Office on the framework. Experience the means given beneath: 

                1. You have to open a default browser on the computer.
                2. Type the link www.office.com/setup in the given section.
                3. Click the “Enter” option on the screen.
                4. Login to the Microsoft account by entering the username and password.
                5. If you don’t have an account on Microsoft Office, make a new one by typing the all details in the signup page.
                6. An option will appear on your screen to type the Office Product key in the given column.
                7. Type the product key from the registered email address.
                8. After entering the product key, press the “Submit” option.
                9. The product key is verified; install the latest version of the Microsoft product.
                10. Open “My Account” option.
                11. Tap the “Install” button.
                12. Just wait till the download process gets completed.
                13. Press the “Run or Save File” option on your default browser.

                How to Install Microsoft Office Setup?

                Microsoft Office has many programs like MS Word, PowerPoint, Outlook, Excel, etc. After completing the downloading process of Office, go through the steps given below and download it on your computer:


                1. Once the Office product is downloaded on the computer, go to downloads folder and find the downloaded file.
                2. Double-click on the downloaded file to start the installation setup.
                3. Press the “Agree” button on the terms and conditions of the Microsoft Office.
                4. You have to go through the given guidelines to begin the installation.
                5. Tap “Close” after finishing the installation.

                How to Activate Microsoft Office Setup?

                Once you completed the installation process, now it is time to activate the Microsoft product. A product key is compulsory for the activation process. Follow the given steps to activate Office Setup.

                1. Open one of the apps which include MS Word after the installation process.
                2. To open the app, you have to double-click on its symbol.
                3. Tap on the “Get Started” option.
                4. Press “Start” to open MS Word.
                5. Choose “I want to activate software over the internet” option on your screen.
                6. Wait until the activation process gets complete.


                How do I redeem Microsoft Office?

                In Microsoft Store, select the See more menu located next to the Search box. Select Redeem Code. If you are not signed in, sign in to the Microsoft account and Enter the 25 digit code, and then select Redeem

                What is the product key for Office?

                In Microsoft Store, select the See more menu situated close to the Search box. Select Redeem Code. In the event that you are not marked in, sign in to the Microsoft record and Enter the 25 digit code, and afterward select Redeem 

                Does Office 365 have a product key?

                On the off chance that you buy on time Office You will get an item key, yet you won't require or get it for Office 365. To recharge your Office 365 membership, you can purchase an Office 365 card from a retailer and recover the code at www.office.com/setup. 

                How do I reinstall Microsoft Office?

                When you sign in to your Microsoft record and discover your Product key, visit office.com/setup to actuate Office, at that point select Install Office.