The internet has a wealth of information on stuttering and treatment options. Try searching under stuttering, stammering or dysfluency then narrow it down by adding treatment, research, causes, etc. Most of these websites are linked to the Stuttering Home Page, an invaluable reference. It is at

Also we work in with the NZ Speech Therapists Association. Their website is:

START Stuttering Treatment and Research Trust
541 Parnell Rd Auckland New Zealand Ph 3796364 Email:

For overseas information on stuttering self-help groups, the best place to start is the website of the International Stuttering Association, an umbrella group for stutterers in more than 30 countries round the world. It is at

Links to other stuttering self-help groups around the world include:

(British Columbia)
Canada (Speak Easy)
The Stuttering Foundation of China (SFC)
Nonprofit Stuttering Foundation in China. Provides the free and up-to-date information about stuttering in Chinese. Include a forum full of stutterers and a wiki system of information about stuttering. This website is in Chinese characters

This link may also be useful