Local Groups

Local groups are the core of SpeakEasy and there are several that meet around New Zealand. Currently there are active groups in Auckland, Waitakere,  Christchurch and Dunedin.



Running a discussion or meeting for some,  just thinking about this can be daunting. However it doesn’t always have to be this way, as  there can be much to be gained from undertaking a task like this such as: Gaining confidence, Learning and building on your strengths, Meeting new People.  Below are some useful Tips that can assist when facilitating a speakeasy group meeting, committee meeting OR Discussion


  • Have an open Mind about what you wish to achieve at the meeting. 
  • Having a clear Agenda of things you want to achieve at the meeting/discussion can be helpful.
  • Aim to start meeting at the agreed time.
  • Aim to finish the meeting at the agreed time.
  • Be prepared to hear all peoples views/points, who are participating in the discussion/meeting.
  • Avoid getting side-tracked and talking about things that are not relevant at time of meeting.
  • Allow everyone who wants to at your speakeasy meeting/discussion to have a say.  Give equal opportunity to all.
  • Have variety within your speakeasy group meetings. 
  • When making a point, try to be as clear and concise as you can be. 
  • When getting bogged down on discussing particular issues.  Avoid letting people hi-jack the meeting, wherever possible  Remember this will only slow the process of your meeting, rather then moving your discussions forward in a constructive way
  • Arrange your speakeasy group/committee meetings in an appropriate way, that will give sufficient time to discuss, and get through all items that need to be talked about at the meeting/discussion.
  • If someone does not understand something/particular issue you might be talking about at your meeting/ discussion.  Allow person to ask questions about particular things you maybe talking about where appropriate, so that everyone can have a clear understanding about what is being discussed
  • Make new members that maybe coming to your speakeasy group feel welcome.  Answer any questions they may have about your group as accurately as you can
  • Try and stay focused when discussing Committee business/things that need to be discussed.  Getting side-tracked just slows progress
  • Give different members within your speakeasy group the opportunity to run speakeasy group meeting.