Have you been cheated by Laraine Birthisel or Bali lawyer Nyoman Nadayana. Post your story here and help save others from being cheated!!!

56 year old Laraine Birthisel (separated with husband Edwin Birthisel) & her young Bali boyfriend

Laraine Birthisel with her local boyfriend
The failed suspected Laraine Birthisel extortion attempt with Nyoman Nadayana. Have you been scammed by Bali Lawyer NYOMAN NADAYANA and Laraine Birthisel?
 Have you been cheated by Laraine Birthisel or Bali lawyer Nyoman Nadayana. Post your story here and help save others from being cheated!!!
Exposing Undesirable Foreign Expatriates & Criminal Suspects On Bali.
IN THIS EDITION: - The failed suspected Laraine Birthisel extortion attempt and the true story. Laraine Birthisel Said, " l can withdraw ALL cases, but unless you were to pay minimum  $US700 000.00"

Amazing, but true! Laraine Birthisel and her Bali lawyer Nyoman Nadayana are again risking lodging false police reports with false information and claims, it would seem in the hope of getting their hands on some serious cash (USD700,000.00). This is not the first time they have lodged such police reports in an attempt to grab some serious cash! Laraine Birthisel has in fact lodged an until now failed criminal case regarding a Bali villa business investment made in 2009, but then wanted her money back after changing her mind due to her marriage breakdown (4 years ago).

The new police reports that Laraine Birthisel with her Bali lawyer Nyoman Nadayana have lodged are again (like the last one) full of lies and false information and are again doomed to fail miserably like the 'Ilona Johanna Sophia Gerritsen & Ketut Sarjana', legal cases they lost back in 2010'. In the 'Ilona Johanna Sophia Gerritsen & Ketut Sarjana', law cases where Laraine Birthisel and her Bali lawyer Nyoman Nadayana convinced the
plaintiffs to file with the promises of free legal representation and support ended with serious counterclaims against the plaintiffs and the lawyer Nyoman Nadayana (suspected unlicensed Bali lawyer) being reprimanded for wasting police time after the failed cases were thrown out.

The new mislead individuals that Laraine Birthisel and her Bali lawyer Nyoman Nadayana have again cunningly convinced to file these new false police reports with the promise of a financial windfall that they will share (and yes, they will promise you a share of a large amount of cash too if you are willing to risk jail or worse for providing false reports to the police). It should be noted that the Laraine Birthisel, Ilona Johanna Sophia Gerritsen, Ketut Sarjana and any new cases all have or will face criminal investigations and counterclaims for defamation and losses caused due to such false police actions. The free legal representation and so called help that Laraine Birthisel and her lawyer Nyoman Nadayana are claiming to offer any person that will help them with their suspected extortion plan by lodging more false police reports also risk facing the same criminal investigation and counterclaim law actions to seek damages and justice as in the 'Ilona Johanna Sophia Gerritsen & Ketut Sarjana' police cases.

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Paul Lovejoy says:

Beware of Cheating Bali Lawyer NYOMAN NADAYANA (Details on his website: I NYOMAN NADAYANA, SH.MM,Jl Kertha Lestari, 48 Suwung Kangin Denpasar 80224 Bali Indonesia –

My first mistake was having anything to do with this so called lawyer. I met Nyoman Nadayana a Bali lawyer (whom I have since discovered has no lawyer license to practise law) through Laraine Birthisel, who was still having a legal battle with a Bali company
that has lasted for three years (I have since been told she has lost her legal battle) and the same people that I had a dispute with. I met with Nyoman Nadayana and Laraine Birthisel and they convinced me to file a report with the police. My problem was that I had paid a Bali legal service company to produce an Indonesian PT company for me, but due to changes in my personal circumstances I had to cancel my plans to move to Bali. I asked for a refund of my paid fees but was told that would not possible
due to the company process being started.

Both Nyoman Nadayana and Laraine Birthisel promised me that they could get all my money back and even extra money. All I had to do was to report to the police and that it would cost me no money at all and that Nyoman Nadayana would represent me and
handle the whole legal process for no fees. He only asked that I would give him 50% of all money he could gain from the case.

I first felt uncomfortable with my relationship with Nyoman Nadayana and Laraine from the start when they told me I could claim for extra money if I told police lies about my situation and agreement. They said that way all of us could make a lot more money. They wanted to claim for an extra $60,000.00 over the $4,000.00 I paid for a PT company and offered to tell me what I should tell police. I refused and this made them both very cold and upset with me, but they still agreed to help me fight for the return of my company money. However they still kept insisting that if we win the police case I should let Nyoman Nadayana push for a jail term rather than to settle for my company money refund as that would allow us all to get more money.

I then spent a lot of time in the police station with Nyoman Nadayana reporting the matter. Nyoman Nadayana still persisted in trying to lie about what really happened this is why it took so long in the police station as I had to retell the facts many times.
In no less than 24 hours after I provided my report to police he contacted me asking for an emergency meeting regarding my police case. I met him and Laraine Birthisel was also with him. Nyoman Nadayana told me that the police would only work the case
if I paid an operational payment of $5,000.00. He went on to say that if I paid this money they would promise I would win my case, but I would also have to tell the police that I had paid other fees to form my Bali Company and claim monies lost to me like

I refused and reminded him that he promised that I would have to pay nothing, he got very upset and told me I was behaving like a child and that nothing in life is free and especially not police dealings. I refused to pay and he told me if I did not pay he would
withdrew from the case and I would have to deal with the police and police matter alone. Laraine Birthisel’s only support was telling me that I was making a mistake and that by my not cooperating with Nyoman Nadayana I would get nothing and I would also affect her police case that had also got her nowhere in three years since she made her police report.

Two days later Nyoman Nadayana contacted me and told me he had resigned from my case, but that I must pay him $3,000.00 for his costs and time. I refused and he got very aggressive and made threats against me.

Until this day I am still being contacted my both Nyoman Nadayana and Laraine Birthisel, who continue to tell me to continue my law case and pay the police or pay Nyoman Nadayana’s legal fees. These people are bad news and you risk finding yourself in jail or worst by following their directions. At worst they will do to you what they tried to do to me and try to make lots of money from you. Do not trust them or their promises.

I have since found a number of bad reports about this illegal Bali lawyer. He seems to have deceived other foreigners that he has worked with. Others have been cheated by NYOMAN NADAYANA. I hope my report will help others to avoid other people being
scammed by NYOMAN NADAYANA and Laraine Birthisel.

(Please keep my name and contact private. I worry about having further problems with them and the threats they made to me. Thank you and keep up good work!)

The James Francis story, love of Bali prostitutes that lost his family, Son's suicide attempt & police investigations.
This is the true story of James Patrick Francis (Australian National, Passport M8633927, DOB-16/03/68). James or Jamie (AKA) as he likes to call himself was a regular visitor to Bali. Where he would love to sleep late, surf and indulge in his greatest passions of drinking and enjoying the Bali prostitutes. James Patrick Francis was in his element in Bali, for him the perfect day was getting out of bed in the afternoon, a surf at a local
beach and then it was off to the bars and night clubs of Kuta or Sanur to find a willing partner (for the right price) to spend the night with. The Bali Sky Garden in Jalan Legian, Kuta was his great favorite and he would often be there telling his well used self confidence building stories of fighting in the Afghanistan war when he was in the Australian army and boasts of being a black belt in karate and that in Australia he teaches his many students martial arts in his own school of martial arts and DOJO.

However, as is often the case with great story tellers the truth was quite different. Back home in Australia James Francis was a part owner in a cleaning business that he ran with his wife. In truth he felt unfulfilled in his work and deeply unhappy at home, feeling that his wife and son's did not show him enough respect. The constant fights and arguments with his wife and kids at home made him long for the attention and respect he always felt he got from the working girls he would meet at the Sky Garden or many other night life places he would visit in Bali. For James one of the best things he liked about the many prostitutes working the night clubs of Bali is that he would never have to risk the rejection involved in approaching a non working girl and he had grown to hate Western women and felt that the kind of respect and submissiveness he craved could only be found from an Asian girl and with prostitutes he felt he had found the solution for his low self-esteem and his need to feel in control and all powerful. In my opinion James Francis has never matured emotionally and has always been tormented by feeling of great insecurity that often leads him to become verbally and physically abusive when feeling threatened by both men and women.

By late 2012 James Patrick Francis had met and fell in love with a Sanur prostitute, after paying her for sex some eight times James asked her to be his steady girlfriend and to promise that she would no longer have sex with men for money. The street smart girl James Francis would often claim had a 'heart of gold' informed James that she would love to quit her night job, but she could only do that if James could pay her credit debt
and living costs that amounted to some USD2,500.00 per month. James promised he would pay the girls monthly credit payments, all her living costs and even to support her family in Java and in return his new steady girlfriend promised him she would stop working the night clubs.

James Francis now decided he had to live in Bali full time or risk that his girl friend would go back to her old ways. He found a shop in Jimbaran that he wanted to rent and planned to sell surfing equipment and clothing lines. He then went home to Australia delighted that he had found a new partner that loved and respected him and planned to leave his wife and family, sell his cleaning business shares and to move to Bali permanently.

While back in Australia James discovered that he in fact needed a working visa and registered company to be able to operate a retail shop in Bali. At this time he contacted an business registration and visa agent in Bali and instructed the agent to form an Indonesia PT company. When James next arrived on Bali he met with the agent and revealed that his dreams of running his own surf accessories shop would now not be possible, as he had hoped that suppliers would give him products to sell on consignment or credit and that he had not been able to find any willing suppliers. In tears James told the agent of the facts above and that he desperately needed to start and business in Bali so he could live here and watch over his girlfriend. James now asked that his company would be registered at the agent's Kuta office and James advised that he would now try to sell villas and start a Bali property business.

A few months later James realized that he was unable to keep up the high payment he had to make to his girlfriend that she demanded in order to stop selling herself in the clubs and so he ended the relationship and entered into an agreement with his agent to find him another (less expensive) girlfriend. However, his new girlfriend (found on www.badoo.com) demanded that all monies paid for the formation of James PT company (PT Bali Prancis) be returned, even though they had been issued with company papers proving that the company had already been formed and in fact
had even signed a document confirming they had received such company documents. James and his new girlfriend 'Ning' claimed they wanted the money returned because Ning felt that James had been overcharged for the company formation service and she could form the  company for less money.

James and Ning were told that because the PT company was almost completely formed a refund of service monies paid would not be possible. However, Laraine Birthisel and her so called Bali lawyer Nyoman Nadayana have offered to come to the rescue and perhaps offered James and Ning a share in the USD700,000.00 they wish to get their hands on. With the so called 'help' of Laraine Birthisel and Nyoman Nadayana, James
and Ning have lodged a another false report with Denpasar police. Claiming that no PT company was ever formed and that they never received any company documents. James will now be hoping that Laraine Birthisel and Nyoman Nadayana will be as eager to help now that he is facing a very serious criminal investigation and immigration investigation for physical assault, threatening behavior, damaging property and working illegal without a visa. Of course this will hurt Laraine Birthisel and Nyoman Nadayana suspected extortion plans. However, it may also serve well as a
warning about what others may face if they take up an offer of so called 'help' from Laraine Birthisel and Nyoman Nadayana.

The true Edwin Birthisel and Laraine Birthisel story and how Bali led to the end of their marriage to follow

James Patrick Francis dan 'Ning'
 Above: James Patrick Francis and 'Ning'

Nyoman Nadayana

Above: Nyoman Nadayana (unregistered Bali Lawyer) is now calling himself a coordinator


See:  http://www.linkedin.com/pub/i-nyoman-nadayana-yana/14/a32/a31

I Nyoman Nadayana

Edwin Birthisel and Laraine Birthisel

Above: “Happier times” Edwin Birthisel and Laraine Birthisel (LARAINE CAROLYN BIRTHISEL) pose as husband and wife owner/operators of their toy shop retail business, Monbulk Toy Kingdom in Australia. Monbulk Toy Kingdom is at 66 Main Street, Monbulk, Victoria Australia 3793
Edwin John Birthisel
Edwin Birthisel
56 year old Laraine Birthisel (separated from husband Edwin Birthisel) with her young local Bali boyfriend

Above: Husband Edwin Birthisel enjoying his freedom having separated from Laraine Birthisel Below: Laraine Birthisel now separated from Husband Edwin Birthisel enjoying new men in Bali

Laraine Birthisel has now separated from her Husband Edwin Birthisel enjoying new men in Bali