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The North Weymouth Cemetery dates back to at least 1636. It may well be one of the oldest cemeteries still in use in the United States. The first recorded burial was of Zachariah Bicknell in 1636. At that time the cemetery was the property of the First Church of Weymouth. In the mid 1800's, the cemetery was incorporated into the North Weymouth Cemetery Association, a non-profit corporation.

This historic cemetery contains many famous and infamous people, including the parents of Abigail Adams, who was the wife of John Adams, our second president.

It also has Mr. Watson of the famous line, "Mr. Watson, come here, I need you" uttered by Alexander Graham Bell. Thomas Watson was a prominent businessman on the South Shore of Boston and owned the Fore River Shipyard for many years and chose to be buried on a hill overlooking the shipyard and his home in Braintree.

Also interred is the first person to successfully use sleepwalking as a defense for murder, Albert Tirrell.

We are glad to help with genealogy questions when we have time. As we are a working cemetery, prior appointments help ensure that someone is available to look up information. Written request will be responded to, but also please enclose a SASE or an email address for responses.

Please be courteous and pull off to the side of the narrow roads if you visit by car.

Please also be sure to leash and pick up after your dog if you choose to bring them there for a walk.

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