Vocabulary of Science - Building a Scientific Vocabulary

Activity 1.1.1Understanding biology (chemistry. geoscience, physics) root words

Table 1.3 lists the most common roots, prefixes and suffixes in biology. Following each definition is a series of biological terms that share this root. For example, cyt- means cell. Cytology is therefore the study of cells, erythrocytes are red blood cells, chondrocytes are cartilage cells, cytokinin is a plant hormone that stimulates cell division, phagocytes are cells that engulf particles, and cytoplasm is the liquid of the cell. By knowing the meanings of a few roots, one can determine the meanings of many terms. Construct a sentence for each biology vocabulary word provided by your teacher. These may come from readings, lectures, or table 1.3. Illustrate the relationship between these biology words and their roots by including and underlining root word meanings as illustrated in the sentences of table 1.3. Go to online document.

1.1.1 Understanding root words

Activity 1.1.2 – Developing a biology (chemistry. geoscience, physics) glossary

Construct a three-column chart with headings as shown in table 1.1. Each time an unfamiliar term is introduced in class or in your reading, enter its meaning and roots as shown. Contribute to this table for the duration of the class, referring to the list of biology roots (table 1.3) whenever necessary. Go to online data table.

1-Building a Scientific Vocabulary

Activity 1.1.3 – Deciphering biology (chemistry. geoscience, physics) terms – Taxonomy and classification

Once you know basic root words for a science, you can determine the meanings of new terms. Table 1.2 has a list of animal classifications, many of which you may find unfamiliar or even unpronounceable. Analyze the roots (using table 1.3) and match each phylum, class or order to a likely definition. Do not use a dictionary or glossary, but rather draw conclusions based on an analysis of the root words. Go to online data table.

1-Building a Scientific Vocabulary
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