Photography - Slow Motion

Slow motion is a movie-making effect in which the motion appears to have slowed down when played back. Slow motion effects can be achieved when frames are captured at a rate much faster than it they will be played back, so that when replayed at normal speed, time appears to be moving more slowly. Movies taken with cell phone cameras are often played back at 30 fps (frames per second). If, for example, a movie is recorded at 240 fps, it will play back at only 1/8th of the real speed (240 fps/ 30 fps = 1/8). Slow motion photography is excellent for analyzing events that occur too rapidly for the human eye to catch.

Examples of things to take pictures of in slow-motion

  • Slinky falling
  • longitudinal wave in Slinky
  • transverse wave in Slinky
  • candle relighting from smoke
  • slow motion video-1 of your own choice
  • collisions
  • balloon popping

Sports - Kinesiology

  • shooting a basketball
  • hitting a baseball
  • tennis swing
  • swimmer diving
  • golf swing
  • serving a volleyball

Professional Examples of Slow Motion Photography

  • General Instructions: adjust lighting to get optimal environment for photography
  • shoot against an even background
  • crop video to show key portion.
  • post your videos below
  • write a paragraph about the scientific concepts illustrated
  • Include titles/text on video
  • Label the video with topic and your name in this fashion: Topic (Name).
  • Upload your video to the the appropriate folder.
  • Also upload it into your Youtube account.