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Discovery Cube LA Study Guide

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The Discovery Cube is located at the intersection of Foothill Boulevard and Osborne Street, right off the 210 freeway.

Discovery Cube's Missions

STEM Proficiency

The Discovery Cube LA strives increase the skills of both students and teachers in science, technology, engineering and math, thus preparing students to successfully enter the workforce and become productive, problem-solving community members. The Discovery Cube LA exhibits and programs help students improve their science proficiency in the classroom and better understand the Next Generation Science Standards.

Healthy Living

The Discovery Cube LA seeks to educate families about healthy living and the interconnectivity of body systems, mental health and nutrition to increase their physical and psychological wellness. Programs and exhibits range from a grocery store teaching guests the importance of understanding packaging labels and nutrition facts to nature trails and ranches.

Environmental Stewardship

The Discovery Cube LA is devoted to encouraging behaviors that result in eco-friendly living and promoting environmental stewardship of land, air and air. This is accomplished through events such as watershed cleanups and recycling drives, as well as building partnerships with agencies that share in our environmental mission.

Study Guides

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