Careers that requires science

Most high school graduates or college freshmen have only a vague idea of what they want to pursue as a career. They may register as a biology, chemistry, physics, geology, or astronomy major, but have no idea what they will do when they earn their degree. You are therefore strongly encouraged to take a career/interest survey before graduating from high school. Such surveys and related information are available from the school counselor or online through free or commercial services [, or search career interest survey]. After responding to a series of questions regarding your interests and aptitudes, the surveys identify professions for which you might be well-suited. Although such tests are helpful in providing ideas, you should also dialog with professionals in the field to gain more insights. Ask your school counselor for more information regarding interest surveys, colleges, and career contacts. Write a report on a science-related career of your choice, including the components listed in table 4.1. Much information can be obtained from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics’ online Occupational Outlook Handbook[i] or official sites of organizations representing specific professions [,; or search Occupational Outlook Handbook]. You can find colleges that excel in preparing students for specific careers by visiting the College Board website []

Carrers that require science

Table 4.1 Components of a career report

· Job description

o What is the job title?

o What are typical job responsibilities?

o What aspects of the job interest you most?

o What are the working conditions?

· Training and education

o What classes should one take in high school?

o What science and math classes are necessary in college?

o What major and what college degrees are necessary?

o What colleges offer good preparation?

· Potential earning

o What is the salary range?

o What benefits (health insurance, retirement, etc.) can one expect?

o Include a job announcement from the Internet.

· Job prospects

o What is the employment outlook for the coming 5-10 years?

o Is this an expanding, static, or shrinking field?

o Who are the potential employers?