Sustainability - Initiatives at CSUN

Sustainability is development that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs. CSUN has many outstanding sustainability initiatives. This tour provides insight into some of the many things we are doing to conserve energy and other valuable resources.

  1. Transit StationSouthern California Ecoregion Demonstration Garden
  2. Electric Vehicle Charging Stations
  3. Matador Bicycle Compounds
  4. Photovoltaic Project II
  5. Earthquake Garden
  6. Valley Performing Arts Center
  7. Orange Grove
  8. Stream, Pond & Observatory
  9. Chaparral Hall
  10. Botanic Garden
  11. Fuel Cell
  12. Rainforest Project
  13. Student Recreation Center
  14. Campus Recycling Services
  15. Food Garden
  16. Weather Station
  17. Photovoltaic Project 1
  18. Central Plant Thermal Storage
  19. Arbor Grill

Take one photo at each site. Email photos from your phone to:

Four docent lead tours

  • Instrumentation in the Department of Chemistry
  • The CSUN Botanic Gardens
  • The Student Recreation Center, a LEED certified building
  • CSUN Fuel Cell and Rainforest Project

Map & Guide for Tour

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