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Personal Analysis (do at home) - Use Nutritional Analysis Tool to record the food you eat on an "average" day.  
  • Specify the correct proportions by using the appropriate pull-down menus.  
  • When you have entered all foods, select the "Analyze Foods" button and the "Display all Nutrients" button.
  • Identify nutrients that are in excess in your diet.
  • Identify nutrients that are lacking in your diet.
  • Enter the percent RDA (% Rec) for each food from the far right column.

Corporate Analysis (for use in class) - Enter you data into the following form. Examine the graph of average class data. Write a brief analysis of the diet of your colleagues.

  • Identify nutrients that appear to be in excess in general.
  • Identify nutrients that appear to be lacking in general

Nutrition Analysis

Nutrition Analysis

Other Nutritional Resources for additional study