Disease Vectors

Data Summary

Lesson Plan

Germ Transmission

  • Put some GlowGerm powder on your hand and shake the hands of students as the enter the class.
  • Near the end of the class, darken the room and look for traces of the "germ" using a hand-held "black light"
  • Record the pattern of occurance using the form provided.
  • CSUN

Hand-washing techniques

  • Place a few drops of GlowGerm gel on the hands of your students
  • Ask them to rub their hands together, including the backs of their hands and their nails
  • Ask them to wash their hands.
  • Darken the room and investigate for the presence of "germs" using a black light.

Observe surface of skin

  • Using a handheld videomicroscope, take photographs of the surface of the skin
  • Discuss

Questions - answered in the quickwrite

  • Which surfaces of the skin are most likely to be "infected" in this activity?
  • Describe the patterns of "infection"
  • Offer possible explanations for any observed patterns
  • In which regions of the hands did the "pathogens" persist?
  • What are the most common pathogens affecting our heath?