Atherosclerosis & Diet

Using a database to create a diet to reduce the risk of atherosclerosis

It is believed that sodium, cholesterol, and saturated fat increase the risk of cardiovascular disease. Use the filter tool in Excel to determine which foods should be avoided because they contain high concentrations of all of these substances. Include a printout of your report in your portfolio.

Download and open nutrition.xls (an Excel file) or the online spreadsheet . Use File/Open to open the nutrition.xls file if it does not open by double-clicking. Turn on AutoFilter (Data/Filter/AutoFilter). When it is on, small arrows appear in the field(column) headings. To sort the database, place the cursor in the first cell within a category (e.g. vit. C (mg), not in the category coordinate (e.g. A,B,C etc.). To perform record selection, use Data/Sort/SortBy and select the appropriate criteria to answer the question.