Audio Analysis

Sound Analysis Apps

  • Download Sound Analysis Apps to your smartphone such as:
    • SoundBeam
    • Frequency Meter


Graph Frequency vs. Note

Tuning forks are acoustic resonators in the form of a two-pronged fork with the prongs (tines) formed from a U-shaped bar of elastic metal. Tuning forks generate a relatively constant frequency that can be measured with sound analysis applications. The desired frequencies are printed on the tuning forks as seen in the photographs below.

  • Measure the frequencies of a series of tuning forks

Collaborative Presentation

  • Provide screen captures of the following for three or more notes produced by tuning forks.
    • waveforms
    • sound spectrums
    • frequency meter readouts
  • Exchange the graphics in the collaborative presentation with graphics you have obtained from the analyses you have been assigned.

Match Frequencies with your Voice

  • Each slide Tuning Fork slide in the collaborative presentation is followed by a "Voice" slide. Try to match each frequency with your voice and replace the graphics appropriately with graphs of your voice.
  • How does the sound quality of your voice differ from that of the tuning fork at corresponding frequencies?

256 Hz- Middle C - waveform

256 Hz - Middle C (Spectrum)

256 Hz - Middle C - Frequency Meter

514Hz waveform