Whynot, Kevin

Teams-  "Nova Scotia Mercenaries" and "Splatter Island Mercenaries"

 Position- "Commander "

Home field: Splatter Island Paintball 

Primary Marker: Tippman A5 with E Grip, Hammerhead Barrel, Rap4 Aluminum Power Tube, Rap4 Tippmann Cyclone Upgrade kit, NcStar Red Dot Sight, Shocktech Drop Forward, 68/3000 Pure Energy air tank. 

Secondary Marker: Tippmann TPX pistol

Equipment: RAP4 Tactical vest, motorola handset with NewTek NT2 Throat Mic, camo pants and beanie, and a JT Pro jersey,  V Force mask.

Shoots:  Right and left

Strengths:  Communications, strategy        


Famous Quote: "Lets play our game and get the job done!"