Nova Scotia Mercenaries Home Page

Nova Scotia's
Only TRUE Compeditive
"Woods Ball Team"
with the support of

Are asking the competition to
"Bring it this season!"
Team Mission Statement:
Have fun, shoot paint, and promote the sport of
"Woodsball with HONOR!"
 Who are the
We are a group of players who
Love to Play the Sport of Paintball in the Woods!
Some of the players play on both Mercenarie teams,
(Nova Scotia Mercenaries and / or Splatter Island Mercenaries)
But due to family, work or league committments,
Some only play on one.
All players are more than capable to
"Bring It"
To either the
Atlantic Tactical Woodsball League 
"2nd Place Finish" 

Back Row
C. Emino, A. Joudrey, R. Mercer, N. Mercer, Z. Whynot, S. Dagley
Front Row
  M. Veinott , M. Baker, T. Russell, A. Hirtle,  K. Whynot, C. Burgoyne, K. Hirtle, A. Clarke 
 L. Tanner
or the
Splatter Island Woodsball League 
"2nd Place Finish"
C. Baker, M. Baker, A. Hirtle, K. Whynot, M. Veinott, T. Croft 
  L. Tanner
 Z. Whynot
J. Rowe-Day
T. Day
On any given day!
See how the Mercenaries "Do it" in ATWL action!

It's not just a "Walk On Day" when you play in the ATWL!

Team Accomplishments
2008 ATWL, Second place finish
2008 Canadian Woodsball Championships
First place finish!
2009 ATWL, First place finish
2009 SIWL, First place finish
2010 ATWL, Second place finish
2010 SIWL, First place finish
2011 ATWL, Third place finish
2011 SIWL, Fourth place finish
2012 ATWL, Second place finish
2012 SIWL, Second place finish
2013 ATWL, To be determined
2013 SIWL, To be determined